Bed bugs infestations are undeniably daunting for anyone, and the worst part is that these specific household pests tend to go unnoticed until it’s pretty much too late, and the infestation is already in full swing.

These daunting pests can be pretty tricky to identify as well, as they are tiny critters. However, you will know you have an infestation if you note small bite marks on your skin that appear similar to mosquito bites. The defining factor is that the bite marks will appear in a particular pattern.

The Unfavourable Health Risks Of Bed Bug Infestations - sleep quality, skin infections, health risk, bed bug

Fortunately, you can mitigate a bed bug infestation with the help of expert pest control services that specialize in bed bug elimination. There are services such as NY Bed Bug Dogs, which use adorable, yet highly-trained pups to sniff out the infestation site for a more effective result.

And if you’re wondering just how pressing a bed bug infestation can be for your health, we’ve listed the most common health ailments associated with this type of pest infestation.

Skin Infections

Bed bugs leave a pretty easy-to-identify pattern in their little bites; generally, three or more bites in something of a line on the skin. The bugs tend to bite, walk, and then bite again for the duration of the night while you attempt to sleep.

The bite sites are exceptionally itchy, and they can burn as well. Unfortunately, scratching the bite marks leads to unpleasant skin infections, rashes, and other skin-related ailments. So, you must avoid scratching the bite sites as much as possible and visit your doctor if you note any of the signs of a skin infection.

You will need to use a special topical ointment to control the itching and burning. However, the only way to avoid the issue altogether is to keep your home free of bed bugs.

Allergic Reactions

People can genuinely be allergic to just about anything, including bed bug bites. This health concern is also pretty serious, more so than mere skin irritations, as allergies can be severe. Unfortunately, because bed bugs feed on the hosts’ blood, some may develop allergies after being bitten.

If you are hypersensitive to most kinds of insect and bug bites, there’s a higher chance that you will experience allergic reactions to bed bugs. And symptoms of allergic reactions can range from the tightness of the chest and difficulty breathing to swollen lips and tongue.

If you are experiencing any allergic reactions, you will need to visit your doctor as soon as possible to find solutions that will ease your symptoms and reduce the severity.

Diminished Sleep Quality

Lacking sleep quality might not seem like the most severe health complaint out there, although it’s actually a lot more serious than most would assume. Sleep deprivation can do a lot more than hinder your ability to function at your best the following day.

Unfortunately, if prolonged for long enough, poor sleep quality can weaken your immune system, diminish brain functions, and negatively impact your overall mood.

Because bed bugs bite you throughout the night, crawling on you and causing itching, your sleep quality will decline over time, and you’ll be more and more sleep-deprived due to the ongoing nighttime disruptions.

Increased Stress

Living in a home environment that’s infested with bed bugs is enough to stress anyone out quite a bit. And even more so if you’re constantly trying to mitigate the problem with promising pest control hacks or store-bought products.

An infestation can decline your overall health in several ways and leave you feeling embarrassed when it comes to the possibility of having guests over. The unsightly marks are not just itchy and annoying, as they can also negatively impact your self-confidence.

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs

The best solution to get rid of an active infestation is to consult a pest control service. That said, you should also consider prevention methods to keep these and other types of pests out of your home.

Bed bugs are not the only creepy and unpleasant pests out there that want to share your living space with you. So, you should steam clean your carpets often, have your beds steamed routinely, and devote yourself to daily cleaning habits to keep your environment clean.

The best method of keeping pests out of your home is to keep things as clean as possible. In addition, pest control services should be used on a routine basis as well. And if you have pets in your home, be sure only to consider pest control services that don’t use harmful poisons.