There’s a certain feeling of luxury about sinking your bare toes into the rich pile of a well-made carpet. And, with the chill of flooring eliminated by a comfy carpet, the floor becomes a great place to chill out with the kids or lie back with a few cushions for extra comfort. But have you ever wondered what’s lurking in your carpet? Can a vacuum cleaner transform a dust magnet into a clean and wholesome place? Professionals at Woodard Cleaning point out that periodic steam cleaning is still the only way to get a carpet absolutely clean.

4 Health-Related Reasons Why Your Carpets Need Regular Steam Cleaning - vacuum cleaner, steam cleaning, dust, carpet

1. No, Your Vacuum Cleaner Doesn’t Cut It

Vacuum cleaners, even the best ones, aren’t able to lift absolutely every particle of dirt and debris from carpets. If impurities and spills are embedded in the fibers, they’ll stay there. Having said that, regular vacuuming does help to keep carpets cleaner, removing most of the particles that end up nestling in your carpets. When choosing a vacuum cleaner, select one with a HEPA filter. This prevents tiny particles from being redistributed around the home during vacuuming. Looking for something cooler and more high-tech? Let a robot do your vacuuming for you!

2. Fungi and Bacteria can Lurk in Carpets

Mould fungi aggravate allergies, and in damp or humid conditions, mould is able to grow in the most surprising places. If you wake up in the mornings with inexplicable headaches, seem to have constant sinusitis or a post nasal drip, mould could be to blame. But remember, carpets aren’t the only place where these fungi can hide.

Bacteria can enter your home on the soles of your shoes, and E.coli and salmonella are among the harmful ones that could be lying in wait in your carpets. Going barefoot indoors will help to keep carpets cleaner, but athletes’ foot spores can present an additional risk. Should you be terrified? Probably not, but it’s also worth remembering that your carpets may not be as clean as you think they are.

3. Dust Mites Aggravate Asthma and Allergies

Dust mites don’t eat living tissue, but they do like the sloughed off skin cells  that every human and animal sheds. The problem isn’t the little creatures themselves, but their excrement and discarded outer shells. While many people aren’t really sensitive to dust mite allergens, they can make life pretty uncomfortable for those who are. Regular vacuuming goes a long way towards reducing the dust mite problem, but nothing beats a good, deep steam cleaning. And while we’re talking about dust mites, remember that you should attend to your bedding and soft furnishings too.

4. Pet Dander and other Pet-Related Issues

The proteins in pet dander (sloughed off skin) are the primary cause of allergic reactions in people and they also provide a haven for dust mites. While many people don’t experience any reaction, some do, and asthmatics can be at particular risk. Needless to say, pet urine and faeces aren’t any too healthy to have around the house either. Once again, your trusty vacuum cleaner can make a big difference, but over time, stubborn particles will build up.

How Often Should You Have a Clean-Looking Carpet Steam Cleaned?

Most of us are inclined to wait until there are visible marks before we resort to professional steam cleaning for our carpets, but some of the things we don’t want in our carpets aren’t visible to the eye. The general consensus is that deep-cleaning of carpets every 12 to 18 months gets rid of impurities that would otherwise build up over time.