If you are curious about the validity of the concept of “beauty sleep,” what you need to know is sleep does play a major role is the way you look. Good sleep won’t help you look like a beauty queen unless you already look like a beauty queen. What it will do is help your physical appearance be all it can be.

It’s no secret that sleep plays a key role in how people look, behave and function during the day. If you aren’t happy with certain aspects of your appearance, you might be able to improve those things with more and better sleep. Here’s a few ways your sleep could help your over all appearance.

The Truth About Beauty Sleep - sleep, mattress, beauty

Skin Repair

Believe it or not, there is a direct correlation between your sleep patterns and the quality of your skin. While you sleep, you body produces new collagen. Collagen plays a role in keeping your skin tight and healthy. If you adopt better sleep habits, you’ll likely be rewarded with fewer wrinkles, moister skin and tighter muscle tone in your face. Additionally, sleeping on your side is better for your skin, than sleeping on your stomach. Find the right mattress that keep you on your side or on your back when you sleep for maximum skin repair.

Improving Your Complexion

Your complexion is directly affected by the blood flow you get to your skin. While you sleep, many parts of your body need less blood to function. That opens the door to more blood flow going to the skins surface. If you get plenty of good sleep, which enhances the flow of blood to your skin, you’ll start to see you skin put off the glow you have likely wanted for most of your life.

Improving Your Facial Features

When your mouth droops, your eyes are puffy with dark circles under them and your cheeks look gaunt, it’s likely a result of you not getting enough good sleep. The swelling around your eyes is puffiness resulting from hydration issues and lack of sleep. The black circles are caused by poor blood flow due to lack of sleep. Gaunt cheeks and a droopy mouth usually indicate tired muscles due to exhaustion. All of this can be managed with better sleeping habits.

Improving Your Hair Quality

Your hair is another physical feature that’s affected by blood flow. If you don’t get enough sleep to allow good blood flow to your hair follicles, your hair won’t get the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it needs to promote growth and that beautiful shine you likely want. You might not need a hairdresser if you can improve your sleeping habits.

Helping With Weight Issues

The muscle tone in your body affects everything from your facial features to your feet. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, it might be affecting your ability to eat properly and get exercises. A poor diet and lack of exercise will results in your body gaining pounds you probably don’t want.  Additionally, missing sleep may result in gained weight.  If sleep allows you to store energy to promote more exercise, it should be clear that more sleep should result in better muscle tone everywhere on your body.

Beauty sleep is a real thing as long as you give it the proper context. The truth is you probably are beautiful in many ways. Based on the information you have read from above, you should now know you can better manage your beauty issues by first addressing your sleep issues.