Every year parents across the country are looking for a great christmas present for their child and with so many different toys and games being released it can be a difficult and expensive decision.

But some presents make more sense than others, while some toys can be out of date fast and kids can get bored of them quickly, some presents they will enjoy and use all year round. Electric scooters fit that second category as they are not only fun but also extremely useful in everyday life.

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So What Is An Electric Scooter?

Electric scooters also known as e-scooters are very similar to the Santander two wheeled scooter, but has a motorised engine, so instead of having to use your feet to push off and gain momentum to move the motorised engine does the hard work for you.

They have become increasingly popular over the last ten years as they are not only great for kids but adults as well. They are perfect to move around big busy cities, they are cost effective and sometimes quicker and easier than using public transport.

Because they have a motorised engine the scooters are more bulkier than traditional scooters and cost slightly more.

Where Can You Buy Them From?

Many online retailers and shops now sell electric scooters including ERideHero which is an online shop selling not only electric scooters but also electric unicycles, hoverboards and electric skateboards.

Most new electric scooters come with at least a years warranty with some retailers allowing you to extend the warranty. This is a good idea especially if the scooter is for a christmas present for a child as it will guarantee that any problems the scooter may have in the near future is covered by the warranty.

How Much Do Electric Scooters Cost?

Although more expensive than traditional scooters, due to the engine, they are reasonably priced compared to other similar electrical items.

You will be able to find very basic electric scooter models as cheap as one hundred and fifty dollars while top of the range models can sell for upwards of five hundred dollars.

Once you have decided on your price range and which model you are interested in shop around online to find the best prices. A good time to look before christmas is around the third week of November when most retailers offer Black Friday deals and sales.

Electric scooters have become very popular recently so if you are planning on buying one as a christmas present do not delay as the best selling ones are likely to sell out very quickly.

Are Electric Scooters Legally Allowed On The Roads?

Electric scooters are legal to use in most countries and states but it’s always best to check the rules and regulations surrounding them regarding the place you live and wish to use them.

For example while they are legal in the United Kingdom they are not legal to use on roads with other traffic. In the United States Of America it depends on which state you live whether you can use them on the roads and streets. They have recently been legalised in the state of New York City.

While they are generally safe to use by adults on busy roads and streets if the electric scooter is for your child it is better that they only use it in safe places such as your back garden, recreational grounds and parks.

How Fast Can Electric Scooters Go?

Electric scooters are surprisingly fast considering the size and dimensions of them. The top speeds they can reach really depends on the model and quality of the engine but you should expect even the most basic of electric scooters to be able to reach ten miles per hour quite comfortably.

As technology in batteries and design has improved over the last few years it is now possible with some of the top range models to be able to reach speeds of up to thirty miles per hour which is very impressive. On average though most models top speeds would roughly reach twenty miles per hour.

How Long Does The Battery Last On An Electric Scooter?

One of the great things about electric scooters is that they run off an electric battery instead of petrol which means it’s not only great for the environment but also great for your pocket.

When your batter runs out on your electric scooter you just need to re charge it to get it back up and running again which makes it so cost effective.

Again, depending on the spec and model of your electric scooter you can expect to cover ten to fifteen miles with a fully charged battery.

It can take roughly ten to fifteen hours to fully charge a battery on average but as technology is improving all the time expect newer models to have much faster charging times.

You should realistically expect the battery’s full lifespan to last between four to five years before you will need to replace it as long as you keep it in good condition and keep it regularly charged.

Other Good Electric Transportation Christmas Gift Ideas

If you don’t fancy an electric scooter as a christmas gift then maybe an electric bike may be more your style. These are similar to electric scooters as they have a motorised battery attached to them to help share the burden of peddling.

This can be great for those you love long bike rides but do not have the fitness levels to sustain pedalling for such a long time. They are also great for when you are riding up a steep hill.

Maybe a hoverboard is something you have always dreamed of owning since watching the Back To The Future films, well now that fantasy has become a reality with electric hoverboards. You are now able to purchase a hoverboard for less than one hundred dollars so it makes it a great cheaper alternative for a christmas present for a loved one.

Finally why not try out an electric skateboard, again with a motorised battery attached to help you reach speeds that you would not normally be able to reach.