Spring is a great time to try out a new look that’s as fresh as the blossom appearing on the trees. But if the effect of a makeover on your bank balance is making you think twice – don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to go about leveling up your look without needing to spend a fortune!

From clever shopping to repurposing items that have been languishing at the back of your wardrobe for years, you may be surprised at just how affordable your makeover can be. Keep reading for hints, tips, and hacks to make 2022 your most beautiful year yet – whatever your budget.

The Perfect Makeover: How to Get Yourself a New Look That Will Boost Your Confidence But Not Ruin Your Bank Balance - wardrobe, Lifestyle, hacks

Create a Capsule Wardrobe

One of the most thrifty ways to give yourself a re-style is to put together a capsule wardrobe: a collection of a few key items that can be easily mixed and matched to create a plethora of different looks.

Before you hit the shops, work out a budget, then make a list of what you need, and stick to it. An example of a versatile spring capsule collection would be a pair of tailored black trousers, a pastel-colored shirt or blouse, a floaty dress, a fitted jacket, pair of well-fitting jeans, and an oversized knitted open cardigan. With the addition of a few key accessories, such as a wide leather belt, a couple of pairs of patterned tights, a bracelet stack, and a pair of pearl drop earrings, you can put together a multitude of different looks with a small number of items. The key is picking garments and accessories that will work hard for you, rather than ones that you’ll get just occasional wear from.

Consider Braces

Misaligned teeth can both affect the health of our mouths and our confidence: now is a great time to consider getting braces, though, as new, innovative treatments are available that include at-home dental scans and invisible aligners. Overcrowded teeth, overbites, and other types of misalignment can result in uneven wear on the surfaces of the teeth and can make it difficult to clean properly. After treatment with braces, you can not only expect to have a beautiful smile but a healthier one, too.

One such provider offering at-home scans is Strayt; this option allows you to work together with your assigned orthodontist to create a treatment plan that works for you and fits around your lifestyle. Have a look here for Strayt reviews to find out more about the treatment available and how to get started.

In terms of your budget, getting braces is now more affordable than ever before; many providers offer finance plans so that you can make monthly payments for your treatment, and some even offer a price match promise and a thirty-day satisfaction guarantee.

Get Repurposing

Altering garments you already own can be a great, wallet-friendly way to give yourself a fabulous re-style. Turn jeans that have seen better days into shorts, and sew on sequins, buttons, or other embellishments to make them sparkle. Fabric dye is an inexpensive means to turn a washed-out grey shirt into a vibrant top in one of the season’s key colors.

It’s usually fairly cheap to get a pair of trousers or a skirt professionally taken up to create a stylish new look from a formerly unloved item.

Making Up Isn’t Hard to Do

Creating your own beauty products, including cosmetics, face creams, and hair masks, is much easier than you may imagine!

Blush powder can be made by combining hibiscus flower powder and arrowroot powder or, for a darker shade, by using beetroot powder instead of hibiscus flower. For an indulgent hair mask that’ll have your locks gleaming with health, simply mix four tablespoons of coconut oil with one tablespoon of honey – apply to clean damp hair, pop on a shower cap, and leave to soak in for forty to sixty minutes. Then, just rinse the hair thoroughly and condition it as usual.

You can even DIY your make-up remover: all you need to do is combine one-third of a teaspoon of castor oil with two-thirds of a teaspoon of olive oil. Apply a small amount of the mixture to dry skin and leave for a minute or two. Next, apply a warm flannel to the face, leave for another minute, and then use the clean side of the flannel to wipe away any traces of makeup remaining.

Extra Hacks for a Thrifty Makeover

Use the above tips for a spring restyle that’ll have both you and your bank account on cloud nine! And to keep the style train rolling, why not arrange a bring and swap party with friends to trade clothes, shoes, and accessories? This is a great way to clear out items that are clogging up your wardrobe while scoring some brand new outfits. Make the most of vintage and second-hand stores, too, to grab a designer bargain or find amazing shop-new ensembles at a vastly discounted price.

Adding a belt to just about anything, from a maxi dress to jeans, is an effective way of making an outfit look ‘put together’ even if you’ve thrown it on in the dark and, remember, going monochrome is always a stylish option: simply base your outfits on shades of the same color to achieve easy elegance.