There are many mistakes when it comes to losing weight that is often made. Very generally quick and little thought solutions are sought. Skipping meals, not drinking water or thinking only about the scale are some of the things that are done wrong when we want to lose weight. And that not only harms our physical and mental health but also does not help at all in achieving our goals well. 

Mistakes you make when you want to lose weight

1. Sharply reduce caloric intake

A caloric intake that is too low normally translates into the opposite of the desired effect: in addition to starving, our metabolism slows down and goes into ‘saving mode’ consuming fewer calories. The result? You find it very difficult to lose weight.

Solution: Cleansing plan one day a week

The most effective way to help your body burn fat is to combine days of lower caloric intake with days of normal intake. Of course, it is not worth going hungry. Did you know that with a cleansing plan just one day a week you can achieve your goals of losing weight and burning fat?

2. Get frustrated and unleash stress and a bad mood

It is normal, not getting results quickly puts you in a bad mood. But did you know that stress produces a hormone called cortisol and that high cortisol levels prevent the body from working properly? That’s right, when you get angry you activate a danger alert in the body: the immune system is depressed, you sleep worse and the body not only does not burn fat but tends to retain it preparing for future unforeseen events.

Solution: Meditation, sport and adaptogens


Meditation and sport give the body the serenity it needs, reducing cortisol levels to their normal value. We recommend that you include superfoods such as adaptogens in your diet, which naturally reduce cortisol levels, choosing the most effective ones such as Maca, Ashwagandha or acerola and they are also delicious.

3. Not exercising

One of the big mistakes when it comes to losing weight is to lead a sedentary life because this way the muscles deteriorate giving way to the dreaded flaccidity. The good news? How grateful the human body is. As soon as you practice the exercise you will notice the results.

Solution: Combine cardio and strength exercises


Exercise is your great ally to accelerate the burning of calories and fat. All physical activity is good and will benefit you, but the ideal way to achieve your goals at full speed is to combine cardio exercises (running, brisk walking, swimming, cycling…) with strength exercises (abdominals, squats, bottoms…) ideal to turn fat into muscle. Did you know that a higher percentage of muscle in your body will make your basal metabolism higher and help you burn more calories throughout the day?

4. Not getting enough sleep

Sleeping little and/or poorly also has negative effects when it comes to losing weight because the levels of the hormones leptin and ghrelin, which are the ones that regulate our appetite and anxiety, are altered.

Solution: Sleep for at least 8 hours

And also sleep well; that is, with phases of deep sleep, REM sleep and light sleep.