We are almost in December, it marks the return of the traditional Christmas markets. This year, we are going to Europe to discover the 10 most popular.

Wooden chalet, enticing smells, mulled wine, culinary specialties, artisan gifts, Christmas music, and cold, it is almost time to find all these good things on the occasion of the Christmas markets in your city. And if you are in the mood for an adventure this year, you might be visiting a Christmas market in a different country. For that, nothing better than to take a tour of the most popular Christmas markets in Europe. And who knows? One of the markets may be on your way!

What are the most popular Christmas markets in Europe?

This ranking, conducted by vacation rental comparator Holidu, is based on the volume of searches on Google and the number of hashtags on Instagram. But the opinion of travelers is not the only one since other criteria have been taken into account. Thus, the Christmas markets were also judged on the presence of an ice rink or not, the number of stands, the average flight time to reach each city, and finally the risk of snow.

France holds 3rd position in the ranking

France is beautiful and well present in this ranking thanks to its Strasbourg Christmas market. Appreciated during Christmas periods, the city of Strasbourg hosts one of the most popular markets in Europe. So popular that he closes the podium with 3rd position in the standings.

Despite the first place won by the Vienna market in Austria. Germany invaded the ranking and occupies 5 seats with 10 Berlin (2nd), Munich (4th), Frankfurt (5th), Nuremberg (6th), and Cologne (9th).

1. Vienna, Austria
2. Berlin, Germany
3. Strasbourg, France
4. Munich, Germany
5. Frankfurt, Germany
6. Nuremberg, Germany
7. Prague, Czech Republic
8. Budapest, Hungary
9. Cologne, Germany
10. Salzburg, Austria