Having a dog as a companion is an incredible reward, but when you deal with allergies it is well known that such a thing is almost impossible.

Fortunately, that won’t be necessary if you buy a mini golden doodle.

Owning a Golden Retriever is one of your biggest dreams, but the limited space of your apartment kept you from getting one? Well, how about getting a dog that is small in size, but has the kind nature of the Golden Retriever and the intelligence of a Poodle? The Golden Doodle is a mix between these two amazing dog breeds that got the best each breed has to offer. It is the ideal dog for a family and it can easily fit inside an apartment, as long as it gets to enjoy walks on a daily basis. If you are interested in knowing more about the Golden Doodle, here are some very interesting facts about it.

The Miniature Golden Doodle Is the Hypoallergenic Pup You Will Want in Your House - Pet, Lifestyle, Golden Doodle, dog

It is a hypoallergenic dog that won’t trigger any health problems

Having a dog as a companion is an incredible reward, but when you deal with allergies it is well known that such a thing is almost impossible. Dog hair can trigger allergies in the case of many people, so a good number of dog lovers can’t make their dream come true due to health issues. But even if you don’t have to deal with allergies, seeing dog hair on the carpets, upholstery, and clothes is not something desirable.

Most dog breeds shed quite a lot, regardless if they have a long or short coat. Luckily, the Golden Doodle has the genes of the Poodle, which is a hypoallergenic dog breed with a very low degree of shedding. In other words, the mini Golden Doodle (https://premierpups.com/mini-goldendoodle-puppies-for-sale)  will present the same characteristics and won’t fill your home with dog hair. Still, you should know that there are specimens that will have more Golden Retriever genes and specimens with more Poodle genes. Those that inherited a higher amount of characteristics from the Retriever will have a longer coat and may shed slightly more than the rest. So, if shedding is a problem for you, it is worth paying attention to these details.

The Mini Golden Doodle is an incredible dog for a family

In case you need a gentle dog that will fit the life within a family, the Golden Doodle is indeed a great choice. This is a dog that will be affectionate with every member of the family and even with other animals you may already own. It doesn’t matter who gives attention to the Golden Doodle, as it will appreciate the company of each person in the family. This is a very friendly dog that simply enjoys being in the presence of humans. Not to mention that it will become your kid’s best friend. The Golden Doodle loves playing with children while being capable of acting calm and gentle around young children. It is the kind of dog that will be an amazing addition to your family.

A very smart dog that requires little training effort

Because it is so intelligent and easy to train, the Golden Doodle can be the ideal choice for people that never owned a dog before. It has an easy-going personality that makes it a dog that’s easy to control and won’t cause any troubles. It will always love to please its owner, making training a piece of cake. To make a Golden Doodle do something, all you need to use is the tone of your voice. Just make sure not to use a harsh tone, as there’s no need for it when it comes to this dog. You can easily go beyond classic training with this dog breed and successfully teach it a wide range of tricks if you want.

It is not recommended to leave your little Golden Doodle at home alone for extended periods

Keep in mind that this is a family dog that loves being around people. So, if you have a busy schedule and your Golden Doodle will be left home alone for too long, there are risks for it to develop separation anxiety. These are not dogs that can stay away from their beloved humans for extended periods. A Golden Doodle will always be at your side, so don’t be surprised if it is going to follow you around the house. It just wants to be where you are. Thus, make sure you have room in your schedule for a Golden Doodle, offering it the affection it needs, playing with it, and taking it for daily walks.


The Golden Doodle may not be the best watchdog, but when it comes to offering unconditional love and being the ideal companion, it will be hard to find a better dog. An ideal family dog and equipped with a hypoallergenic coat, the Golden Doodle can represent the best choice.