With the world being so advanced with technology, there is a growing need for specialized items to accessorize said technology. Everyone has a phone in their hands these days and this gives people the opportunity to customize their phone via cases etc., to reflect their personal style. One of the newest accessories to hit the market for mobile devices is the jimmyCASE. The jimmyCASE provides superior protection for your phone, a slot to hold cash and cards, and is aesthetically quite pleasing. Kinda an all in one accessory that we like.


The jimmyCASE is a great custom iPhone wallet case. It is currently available for iPhone 5, 5s, 5C, 6, 6s, 6 Plus, and 6s Plus. The wallet case can hold up to six cards, or a combination of cards and cash. This is great for people on the go who want to have to pick up just one item as they leave the house, as opposed to both a wallet and phone, and travel more lightly. This case will help consolidate the important items that you need on a daily basis – a phone and money. Why not? We tend to keep a better eye on our phones than wallets these days. It can also hold any other small items that you may need while out and about, for example your headphones. Fit these into the back of the case and you won’t ever forget them at home or get them tangled in your pocket or bag. This is just one of many uses you will find out of the jimmyCASE.

For protection: the bumper is made of silicon and wraps around the bottom, top, and both sides of your phone. This will protect your phone from drops and other wear and tear. There is also a mahogany plate that is used to protect the back of your phone from damage. Who doesn’t love mahogany! For those who intend to keep a phone nice long term, this case is right for you. In fact this case is also long lasting, so for those interested in buying a single case for the long run will be happy with this case.

Finally, the unique combination of colors used on the available jimmyCASEs allow you to not only stand out but make a statement. The colors that are currently available range from black and blue, orange and gray, red and yellow, orange and blue, and pink with a mixture of pink, blue, yellow, and green lines. Pick something that reflects your personal style or maybe colors of your favorite team!

Functionality meets style with the wooden jimmyCASE. Consolidate, protect, and score some major style points when you pick up a jimmyCASE.

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