The Importance of Transparency in Your Business - Transparency, business

There’s a reason why Sun Tzu, the famous author of the classic military strategy treatise The Art of War, devotes the last and most important chapter of his book to spies: they provide the intelligence and knowledge that armies need before they do anything. There’s also a reason why people in business read Sun Tzu centuries later.

If you’re in the business of buying real estate, you need to know everything about everything. Thankfully, modern property technology platforms make it simple. Here’s how they work.

Transparent User Reviews

Finding a trustworthy, competent real estate agent used to be a crapshoot rather than a sure thing. There are tens of thousands of real estate agents in cities like Toronto. How do you know who is worth their commission?

Industry leaders like Regan McGee have created proptech platforms that put vital information right at prospective homebuyers’ fingertips. The platform analyzes thousands of transactions and reviews to find the best agents that fit your needs. All you’ll have to do is give a brief outline of what you’re looking for, and you’ll get suitable matches from which you can select in no time.

In speaking to Toronto Life, McGee described his goal to lower costs and improve people’s real estate experience: “I want to help the millions of people who buy and sell real estate across North America have a good experience and not feel like they’re being ripped off. I want them to feel like they have an outstanding partner in the biggest transaction of their lives.”

Don’t waste time looking for a professional you like and trust when making the biggest purchase of your life.

Stats Are in Plain View

Nothing is more important when shopping for homes than gleaning key stats at a glance. Prospective homebuyers need to know about the commission rates and more with verified reviews.

Look for a platform that doesn’t allow real estate agents to pay for a higher ranking. The stats you rely on need to be independent and trustworthy.

Agents Compete for You

When using a platform that’s open and transparent, agents will compete for clients! You’ll need to describe what you’re looking for, and agents will use this information to pursue you, rather than the reverse.

Transparency is a two-way street: real estate agents need to know who you are for everyone to get the best results possible.

No Data Collected

Transparency means being open and sharing facts about the cost of housing and more. However, it also means being open about what data isn’t collected and gathered without a person’s knowledge.

Like many industries today, real estate has some ugly practices involving the undisclosed sharing and even selling of people’s private data. In the search to find someone to buy a house, sometimes agents at traditional real estate companies use subterfuge and underhanded tactics to get people’s contact information.

Avoid all that by relying on a secure proptech platform that never shares your info. You don’t want agents cold calling you at home, and you don’t want to worry about who has your info and how they got it.

Knowing what’s really going on allows people to make informed decisions, and that’s what you need when making the biggest purchase of your life, which is what home buying is for most people. If you’re in the real estate business or just searching for a home, find a proptech platform that’s devoted to transparency.