If you’re searching for the perfect diamond engagement ring to get your soon to be fiancé or fiancée, search no further. This guide is the dos and don’ts for choosing the right diamond engagement ring. Finding the right ring for your lover can be difficult because you don’t want to ruin the surprise and addressing anything significant can throw that away. Engagement rings are usually considered the most significant ring you will ever purchase, besides the wedding ring. Let’s get you ready to go ring shopping properly.

Know What Size

This is the first thing you’re going to want to do if you want to pop the big question. This is the biggest part of ring shopping because when you go to put the ring on their finger—you don’t want the ring sliding off or not be able to fit on your fiancé. Of course, getting their ring finger measured is the best approach to this, but it may not always be possible. If you can’t get this achieved then try to get one of their friends or a family member to get the finger measured. Figure out what you feel is the best approach and go with it.

Although, if you buy a ring and you’re unsure of the size try to make sure the ring is bigger than the finger and not smaller. Due to the fact that if you get a ring too big than too small the ring will have to be reduced with hammering the precious metals instead of expanding. Expanding the metal can make it more brittle and decrease the longevity of the ring itself.


Choose the Desired Style

Everyone enjoys a different style of ring, do your best to give a subtle approach to what shape, style, and what type of metal they like. Then you can turn to the internet, on the internet you can find any shape of a diamond, style of ring, and the metal. If you look through Agape Diamonds reviews, you will see they have had over 4000 satisfied customers with an excellent experience and a positive review. Agape has almost any shape and size of rings you could think of, you’ll probably find what you’re in search of on their website. Your fiancé will be sure to love the ring that you pick and people will be sure to give compliments on your choice.


Make a Realistic Budget

You will want to set a budget when you’re searching for a ring because you don’t want to break the bank for the perfect ring. A beautiful ring doesn’t have to be overpriced. You can get the perfect diamond from Agape. Another thing great about Agape is their diamonds are lab-grown and their quality is flawless through the craftsmanship of their gemologist. A lab diamond can go through a custom design process, and your fiancé will love the final product. They also offer great customer service with a free return policy on any piece of jewelry. At Agape you will be paying 2-3 times less than what you would pay at other jewelry stores.


Get an Understanding of Diamonds

Having an understanding of diamonds will help assist you on how to pick one out for the ring. In recent years, many couples have been opting out of putting a diamond in their rings and have started a trend of using birthstones or unique gemstones. Although, the traditional way is usually to use a diamond.

The two most traditional engagement rings are the Ogham ring, or the Claddagh ring is mostly used as proposal rings. Ogham is the most known and oldest ring. With an Ogham ring, you can inscribe a love message that they will remember and wear for a lifetime.

Diamonds have four elements that should be paid attention too. These include cut, color, clarity, and carat.

True diamonds are known to not be completely transparent in bright light; they usually have a brownish or yellowish tinge to them. Colorless diamonds do exist but they hard to come by and they’re scarce. Carat is the weight or density, the higher the carat of the diamond, the more expensive it will be. The clarity of the diamond refers to any blemish or inclusion, the fewer marks, the more expensive. Lastly, is the cut of the diamond they will come in solitaire, oval, pear, princess, radiant, and emerald. Every diamond will respectively differ in cut to show off the brilliance and beauty of each one.