What do you do with your possessions when you go on a trip for a long period of time? While you can keep your belongings at home, vehicles, heavy equipment, and certain other items are better kept in self storage Barrie or another location near your home. Choosing the right storage unit for your needs can provide you with better security, climate control, and more. Here is a list of benefits that choosing self-storage Barrie provides you.

The Best Storage Options When You Go on a Trip - travel, Storage, self storage


If you have seasonal vehicles, such as motorcycles or campers, you probably keep them in a garage during the off-season. However, if you happen to be gone for a long period of time, looking at storage units Barrie can provide you with better security than leaving them in your garage. It’s easier than ever for potential thieves to know when somebody is traveling, especially if they look you up on social media during your vacation. Choosing a storage facility that has space for vehicles reduces the chance of thieves taking your vehicles. Storage units Barrie provide a high level of security through the use of on-site cameras and a lock that only you have access to.

Climate Controlled Storage

The best self storage units in Barrie offer either well-insulated units that keep temperatures consistent or even a climate controlled storage unit option that negates the effects of particularly cold or very humid weather. This is ideal if you have items that might suffer over long periods of time without air conditioning or heat. Many people who leave for a long trip tend to keep heat low or air conditioning off in order to save money. When you rent a storage unit for items that might get damaged by this process, you not only keep your belongings in the best shape possible but also save money on energy bills. In this case, the use of Barrie self storage keeps you from having to compromise.

Accessible Belongings

If you have certain possessions that you want others to have access to, keeping them in storage space can meet the needs of both parties without creating any home security risks. The fewer keys you give out to your house, the more secure it will be. Self storage units allow you to provide additional keys or authorized entrants to your unit without opening up opportunities for potential thieves. All you need to do is rent a storage space to hold the belongings that others may need access to while you are gone, then provide access as you see fit. You can even leave special instructions with the employees who monitor your Barrie self storage so they know who is allowed access and who isn’t.

A long vacation is a great opportunity, but travel also opens up opportunities for thieves or weather damage to your belongings due to your absence. If you are worried about the storage situation on your trip, consider some storage units. Self storage can solve many of your potential problems.