Looking for popular DIY jewelry making ideas? We’ve pulled together all of our favorite handmade necklace ideas, including beaded strands and collars with feathers and candy, for you to make. Look fabulous no matter what you’re wearing with these easy DIY necklace ideas. Make your own DIY necklaces with pearls, glass beads or other gems along with easily available craft supplies. Browse our tutorials here for more ideas.

1. Galaxy Necklaces

DIY Galaxy Necklaces

Tutorial via ohthelovelythings

2.  DIY Simple Turquoise Necklace

DIY Simple Turquoise Necklace

Tutorial via thecraftedsparrow

3. DIY Caged Pearl Necklace

DIY Caged Pearl Necklace

Tutorial via sheknows

4. DIY Marbled Clay Necklace

DIY Marbled Clay Necklace

Tutorial via abeautifulmess

5. Easy Glitter Necklace

Easy Glitter Necklace

Tutorial via clumsycrafter

6. Paper Geometric Necklace

Paper Geometric Necklace

Tutorial via sweetteaandpumpshowtos

7. Ribbon And Chain Necklace

Ribbon And Chain Necklace

Tutorial via fashionsalade.

8. Easy Seashell Necklace

Easy Seashell Necklace

Tutorial via creativesavingsblog

9. DIY Triangle Necklace

DIY Triangle Necklace

Tutorial via ispydiy

10.  DIY Wire Wrapped Stone Necklace

DIY Wire Wrapped Stone Necklace

Tutorial via aliceandlois

11. Quilled Heart Necklace

Quilled Heart Necklace

Tutorial via allthingspaper

12. DIY Decadent Crystal Necklace

DIY Decadent Crystal Necklace

Tutorial via fallfordiy

13. Infinity Wire DIY Necklace

Infinity Wire DIY Necklace

Tutorial via wildamor

14. DIY Dainty Gold NecklacesDIY Dainty Gold Necklaces

Tutorial via springinfialta