If you’re like me then you appreciate beautiful jewelry pieces with statement stones. Whether it’s a gorgeous pearl, clear crystal or unique turquoise rock, you find these pieces necessary for whatever fabulous outfit you’re already throwing together. But, do you know what each one of these stones actually stand for?


Ancient civilizations believed these stones affected the seven main chakras in the human body. These chakras can be envisioned as wheels of energy that provides a life force, positively affecting your ability to live a vibrant and balanced life. The seven chakras are:

  • First Chakra: Stability
  • Second Chakra: Creativity
  • Third Chakra: Protection
  • Fourth Chakra: Love
  • Fifth Chakra: Communication
  • Sixth Chakra: Intuition
  • Seventh Chakra: Spirituality

Understanding what your jewelry piece means is an added benefit to the beauty they bring to your life – and outfit! To learn about the various chakras and the stones they are associated with, follow Chan Luu’s guide below.
The Power of Stones Guide | Stone Meanings & Uses | Chan Luu

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