Weather conditions and the area animals and pests don’t always make outdoor gardening easy. Some people live in cities with small lots that do not work for gardening. But, an indoor garden can be any size you want. You can choose what to grow from flowers to vegetables to cannabis. What you choose to grow depends on your preferences and needs. There are places to order all kinds of seeds and technology to ensure the success of this indoor garden or greenhouse.

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Will the Greenhouse be Indoors Or Freestanding Outside?

Some home lots are large enough for a freestanding greenhouse in the back yard. For a freestanding greenhouse, the important considerations are site selection, size, orientation, glazing material, security, and what tech to use. Once the greenhouse is built and equipped, the owner needs a good selection of seeds and can get assistance from i49 if part or all of the crop will be marijuana. The grower can order the seeds online for all types of cannabis seeds. It is possible to order all different garden seeds online.

A freestanding greenhouse that is enclosed with glazing can grow a good crop all year round in any type of climate or area. The glazing choice can be polyethylene film, flexible polycarbonate, or glass. The roof shape is often gothic, Quonset, or gable so it will allow snow to slide off during the winter months. Plan on the cost running about $10.00 per square foot. This cost will change with the addition of tech.

When there is no room in the lot to build a greenhouse, people can grow vegetables and even cannabis indoors with the correct equipment and tech. Even if cannabis is the main crop, it does not hurt to add a few edible vegetables to the indoor garden set up. No matter what the crop will be, there are a few common considerations for indoor gardening.

Considerations For Greenhouse and Indoor Gardens

1. Choose a space for the gardening project that has room for enough plants and their growing medium, drainage, and watering. Make sure there is a way to have adequate drainage and power for all the gardening tech you will be using.

2. Decide if you want to grow the plants in potting soil or in water. They have two completely different requirements.

3. Here is where some tech comes in. Not just any lighting will do. Different lighting types give different results and some plants require different lighting than others. Choosing a room with lots of windows for natural light is a start. But more light is needed and grow lights of different types are a good investment.

4. Temperature control tech is important for plant health and production. Each plant type has its own optimum temperature. Investing in a remote or onsite monitoring system is a good investment because it can protect valuable plants from extreme temperature changes.

5. Both greenhouses and indoor gardens need ventilation and there are great tech products to monitor and control ventilation and temperature for healthy plants.

The Successful Growing operation

To be successful in growing any crop indoors, the garden owner must put in the time and effort to set up the greenhouse or indoor garden properly and continue to put in the time to care for plants. Plants are living things that need just the correct temperature, amount of water, and ventilation to thrive. The gardener must be alert to prevent insect or disease damage to plants. The plants must be harvested at just the right time and handled correctly once harvested. When everything comes together this type of gardening can be very satisfying.