kite surfingOn the Straits of Gibraltar, wedged between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, sits Tarifa, Spain: a top destination for surfers from around the world. Tarifa, also the southernmost city on the European continent, is home to sunny skies, warm weather, and of course, picture-perfect beaches, making it a surfer’s dream. Aqua waters and long stretches of white sand stretch along Tarifa’s coast, and during the summer, a parade of multi-coloured kites can be seen bobbing along the horizon. But above all else, what makes Tarifa one of the surf capitals of Europe is its unique location between two large bodies of water, and the unrelenting wind that pounds the beaches from both directions.

Windy city

As the many turbines on Tarifa’s surrounding hills show, the town is well known for its strong winds. The persistent, year-round winds may irritate the residents, but surfers of all kinds flock to Tarifa for exactly that reason. Surfers will feel right at home in this blustery paradise.

Two types of winds blow through Tarifa, creating ideal surfing conditions year round. The strong Levante winds come from the East and occur during summer. These winds are famous for bringing blue skies and clear, sunny weather—the perfect conditions for kitesurfing. Use caution, though: these winds often blow offshore and can sometimes be dangerous.

During winter, the Pontiente winds blow in from the west and bring cooler weather. Originating in the Atlantic, these winds are known for creating big waves, so hang ten! Consistent waves from the Atlantic all winter long are part of what makes Tarifa one of the surf capitals of Europe.

Warm summers, mild winters… could you ask for more?

Due to the Levante winds, summer is the most popular season for kitesurfing, but favourable temperatures for wind sports persist throughout the year. Even in the winter, temperatures rarely drop below 11.5 degrees C. In the summer, temperatures average around 21-22 degrees.

Tarifa has a Mediterranean climate, with wet winters and dry summers. Many would expect the town to be intolerably hot, but because of its coastal location, summer temperatures are often milder than in other nearby cities.

After a long day of surfing…

The town’s perfect weather throughout the year is not the only part of what makes Tarifa one of the surf capitals of Europe.

Surfers will find that Tarifa is a completely unique place to explore after hitting the waves (or the wind!) all day. Not many cities offer great wind sports and great sightseeing, but Tarifa has both.

Charmingly undeveloped and rustic, surfers can venture out to the Guzman Castle, which dates back to 960 AD. Old, historic architecture from the medieval and even Roman period can be discovered in the city, forming an old world backdrop for visitors to lazily wander through after a long day of exertion.

Wind sports can be demanding, so if surfers don’t have much energy for sightseeing, they can relax at one of the town’s many funky cafes or bars. No matter what your tastes are, Tarifa offers a lot to surfers who want to chill out in between activities.aurlia kite tarifa

Where the wind blows

There’s no question: a combination of wind, weather, and adventure are what make Tarifa one of the surf capitals of Europe. At Kite Surfing School Tarifa , we ride the currents, too: we will take you to the best surf spots of the day, depending on wind conditions, ensuring that you get the maximum experience on your vacation.