When looking for a new vehicle, the draw for many potential car buyers is the extra features and luxuries that ease the driving experience and ultimately give you an excellent return on the investment. Plus, it doesn’t hurt if it looks good as you ride past the other automobiles on the road.

Sunroof Glass Or Mechanics Replacement – Is It Worth It? - sunroof, motor, mechanics, glass, damage, cracking, cars, breaking

An in-demand and commonly sought-after feature is a sun or moon roof. These decrease the need to use air conditioning, helping with fuel economy while keeping the interior cool. The problem is when the glass becomes cracked or shatters or the mechanism malfunctions due to some underlying cause.

At that point, it becomes necessary to take to the search engines seeking sunroof glass replacement near you to make an appointment for an inspection. The professional can inspect the accessory to determine if a replacement is necessary or if the window is a candidate for repairs.

What Can Go Wrong With A Sunroof – Is It A Worthwhile Investment?

When you experience an issue with your sunroof, it needs inspecting to determine if the feature has potential for repairing or if a replacement is necessary. Neglecting the accessory can lead to damages to the car’s interior and the likelihood of more significant expenses.

The piece’s functionality depends on a sheet of tempered glass with the capacity to slide using a mechanical system that includes varied gears, cables, and a motor. With the window open, the vehicle’s interior has exposure to everything happening on the exterior, whether it be inclement weather, birds, fallen debris, etc.

While the material and mechanics mean to endure abuses to provide an extended lifespan, unforeseen circumstances can result in damage to the glass. With cracks or scratches that can ultimately lead to a shattered piece, an immediate response is warranted to spare interior damages.

But what are some other things that could possibly go wrong, and is this feature overall a good investment? The following are a few of the issues you can face with your luxury accessory. You’ll find additional common problems most owners face at https://gomechanic.in/blog/6-common-sunroof-problems/.

Glass Cracking Or Breaking

Cracks or breaks in a piece of sunroof glass are unusual because the material is tempered, meaning it is resistant to shatters, but that doesn’t mean to imply that it is “shatterproof.” Exposure to outside elements can include inclement weather, but there is a genuine possibility for falling debris while driving.

Suggestions indicate replacement of this piece is pretty straightforward. The issue comes when attempting to remove the broken or shattered piece and all the minute shards that can include.

That process can create substantial labor fees, adding quite a bit to your overall estimate. You can DIY repair cracks in the glass, but it’s inadvisable. View this for guidance in the process.

Leaks Coming From The Window

Another common issue with these accessories is when inclement weather leaks in from the window. In most cases, these happen because debris has created a blockage in the drain system, for which there are usually as many as eight individual tubes.

These tubes are found around the corners of the piece and need removal to clear them from the particles to correct the issue. Numerous things like dirt, leaves and other particles can find their way into the system, forcing water to spill out and leak around the seals.

Fixing the problem is relatively budget-friendly unless the seal breaks. In that situation, the window needs removing so that technicians can replace the part, turning it into a costly scenario.

Cables Or Track Malfunction

Sliding the glass open depends on a combination of tracks and cables, with operation reliant on the motor. These parts work cohesively to maneuver the sunroof from closed to open and vice versa. Breakage in either of the components results in a non-functioning window.

Repairing is not a possibility in this scenario. The sunroof needs removing, and the assembly will require an entire replacement. It can be exceptionally costly, requiring estimates for the optimum price point to fit your budget.

The Motor Is Inoperable

In the distant past, sunroof operation was a manual process where the driver would merely unlock the window and slide the piece open by hand. Today, through various innovations and advances in technology, convenience and ease of use have become priorities.

Most systems will function with a mere button press and the glass opening automatically. The motor creating this comfort operates using varied electrical elements to complete the function of opening and closing the window.

Sunroof Glass Or Mechanics Replacement – Is It Worth It? - sunroof, motor, mechanics, glass, damage, cracking, cars, breaking

The common issues that take place with an inoperable motor are damages to it; the electrical system goes out, or:

  • Seized internal gears
  • Broken operating gears
  • Relay or fuse damaged shutting down the electrical component
  • Electrical wires have become exposed, blocking access to the motor.

Professional technicians need to inspect the system to determine the exact underlying issue. For fuse or relay issues, the price point is minimal. Other damages could be costly, plus there is the addition of labor fees.

Sunroof Glass Or Mechanics Replacement – Is It Worth It? - sunroof, motor, mechanics, glass, damage, cracking, cars, breaking

Final Thought

Many vehicle owners look for tutorials to attempt to make the repairs or replacements in a DIY capacity. That is something you should avoid with the likelihood of creating more damage and greater expense in the long run. It’s crucial to allow a specialist in the industry to make the necessary repairs.

These experts have the tools, the expertise, and knowledge of the overall functionality. Inspection can diagnose the primary cause for the problem with adequate fixes on the first attempt, the possibility for simple repairing, and potentially no need to replace. Thus, you can perhaps save money by seeing a professional tech initially.

While costs can become quite harsh on the budget depending on the root cause of the issue, a sunroof is something most potential automobile buyers look for when shopping for their new vehicle. If you have any interest in selling your car at some point, investing in this accessory makes sense since it will add value on resale.