The music festival season is fast approaching, which means watching your favorite bands and long days in the sun enjoying the experience. While planning your outfit for a music festival isn’t exactly rocket science, it often comes as a challenge to many. After all, there is a clear line between looking cool and looking confused.

Alongside your outfit, sunglasses are a major element to think about when packing. The perfect pair of sunglasses is essential to complete your look. There are several styles you can try to make sure you’re set with the perfect music festival sunglasses.

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Blinged Out

If you are looking for the perfect occasion to rock that pair of blinged-out or bejeweled sunglasses, now is the time. They are perfect for making a statement and fit the exciting atmosphere of a music festival. They reflect light from the stage, lifting the whole environment and mood.

Blinged-out sunglasses can become the star of your look. Be prepared for a lot of attention, questions about where you bought them, and friends who will want to rock them alongside you. If you don’t own a pair of bejeweled sunglasses, you could easily DIY onto an old pair of sunglasses.

Mirrored Lenses

Mirrored lenses are an absolute winner for the summer season. People love this style’s reflective lenses that come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and styles. Rock these mirrored sunnies at the music festival to look like a movie star and pull off a statement look.

Mirrored lenses look chic and pair well with music festival attire or anything casual and relaxed. They can even add a futuristic touch to your appearance. A few ways to style them include pairing them with a trench coat, denim-on-denim, or go all out with a sparkly top.

Gucci Sunglasses

While there is no doubt that Gucci sunglasses are a globally recognized trend, the brilliant array of options and styles make it quite challenging to choose one pair. Whether you prefer drama or love the nostalgia of micro-mini frames, there are a pair of Gucci sunglasses made for you. However, when you are wearing it to a music festival, you need a pair that will protect your eyes from the harsh sunlight.

Of the many different styles, retro classic aviators, oversized shapes, and D-frames are particularly popular in the music industry. They work well with almost any casual outfit and balance out the facial structures well while adding elegance to your overall look. If you are trying to tie together any music festival outfit, look for Gucci sunglasses for women.

Round Shades

Round sunglasses are a cult classic. Yet, they take a fresh and modern approach to the very cool and classic frame style. They fit the Woodstock feel of most music festivals while also adding a retro feeling.

Round frames are best for longer faces and come in many different styles and colors. If you are planning a big statement look, get round glasses with dark frames. You can even keep your makeup minimal to let the shades speak for themselves.


Oversized sunglasses are becoming more and more trendy. Regardless of whether your face is square, oval, big, or small, you can always pull off oversized sunglasses. They are also great for blocking out the sun during the day.

Oversized sunglasses come in different sizes and thicknesses. Ensure you find the perfect fit that will stay on all day at the festival. Oversized sunglasses also come in several shades and mirror lights at night.

If you are looking for ways to wear oversized sunglasses without looking bug-eyed, ensure the frames do not cover your eyebrows. Similarly, consider pairing your oversized sunglasses with a floral romper or sundress for a statement look. They can complete an otherwise simple festival look.

Find Your Sunglasses

Once you decide to buy a pair of sunglasses, the next step is to determine how much you want to pay. Then consider your face shape, features, and outfit to narrow down the ideal sunglasses. No matter what style you choose, your music festival look is up to you. Enjoy the chance to express your style and enjoy your favorite musicians at the same time.