Spruce up the house, hold your fresh flowers and fill any bare nook or cranny of this house with one of the stylish and versatile pieces.  Each one of these home decor DIY flower vase ideas has a catchy uniqueness to it. The best part of it all is that they are actually not hard to create. The simplest ideas and projects are sometimes the best and when it comes to DIYing, one of the easiest to dive into come in the form of a vase.

Geometric Vases

DIY Geometric Vases

Spoon Vase

Repurposed Plastic Spoon Vase

Knockoff Blooming Vases

Anthropologie Knockoff Blooming Vases

Arrow Vase

DIY Arrow Vase

Pineapple Vase

Summery DIY Pineapple Vase

Lightbulb Vases

Easy Lightbulb Vases

Glass Coffee Bottle Vases

Repurposed Glass Coffee Bottle Vases

Wooden Vases

West Elm Inspired Wooden Vases

Dipped Vases

Simple And Cheap Dipped Vases


Balloon Bud Vases

Colorful DIY Balloon Bud Vases

Disco Ball Vase

Repurposed Disco Ball Vase

Frosted Vase

Easy Rubber Band Frosted Vase

Origami Designed Vase

DIY Origami Designed Vase


Glitter Polka Dot Vase

Kate Spade Inspired Glitter Polka Dot Vase

Mason Jar Vases

Lacy Repurposed Mason Jar Vases