Style Tips on How to Wear Patterned Pants + 19 Outfit Ideas

Dotted, striped and bursting with color! Printed pants are perfect for spring and summer season. If you want to be unique, then patterned pants are definitely best choice for you. They are fun, incredibly comfortable and, surprisingly, very versatile. The most important tip is that if you wear patterned pants you should look refined and polished not screaming five different messages. Pair them with a solid top and keep your accessories to a minimum. A solid top is meant to balance the printed pant and keep the attention where it should be, the print. You shouldn’t have many different items competing for attention. If you’re ever stuck trying to figure out what color blouse you should wear with your patterned trousers, select one in the same color family as your pants. Almond or pointy-toe shoes will elongate your legs. Avoid round-toed shoes. If you are wearing a wider-leg or palazzo pant, go for structured or form-fitting on top. This showcases your waist. Take a look at the following 19 outfit ideas and enjoy!

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