Small homes are often cosy, but sometimes they’re not very practical. Depending on the size of your home, and also of your family, you may find that space becomes an issue on a regular basis. This is why having a good storage system is essential. Here are some wonderful storage ideas for a small living room, which could help to make your home feel a lot roomier.

1.       Moveable Furniture

Furniture which can be moved around easily is a great idea for people who often need to change the layout of their living room. Having guests, for example, may necessitate having extra surfaces or space for beds. In this type of situation, something like a coffee table with wheels or a foldaway sofa bed can make all the difference.

2.       Think Tall

Most homeowners don’t make use of all the space they have in their homes, with the area closest to the ceiling being the least utilised. If you have storage issues, think tall. Installing floor to ceiling storage will help keep all of your belongings organised and can help you to better show off your prized ornaments, books or pictures.

3.       Stackable Storage

Stackable storage options are the perfect solution for items which are used on an intermittent basis, or items which have many smaller parts such as kid’s toys. Stackable storage boxes can be found in a variety of fun colours, which can also add flair to your overall living room design. Depending on your overall aesthetic, you can find stackable storage in both wood and plastic.

4.       Maximise Everything

It’s often the case that people miss opportunities to maximise their storage, simply because they overlook a potential opportunity. When thinking about storage in your home, make sure you’ve considered every opportunity. For example, an existing window seat can be converted into a storage space simply by adding a pull-out drawer or shelves underneath.

5.       Choose Built In Furniture

Freestanding furniture is often chosen because it can be moved easily, to create new looks for your home whenever you like. But it’s also not very practical for long term storage, as you’re often left with awkward, unused spaces. Built in furniture does away with this problem by using every single centimetre of existing space, thereby providing you with the maximum amount of storage.