Weddings are cheerful of all the social occasions. It is the best time to bring two different groups together to commemorate something in common. It is also one of the difficult social events to plan. It marks the vital union between male and female to build a nurture new life. The symbolism of wedding customs is depicted in the wedding rings, joining of hands and the existence of small children around the beautiful bride. The presence of small children around the bride is the form of affectionate magic and epitomize future children. The tradition of flinging rice, grain or confetti is the symbol of fertility. Apart from all these, a wedding cake is one of the most vital elements of the wedding celebration. A wedding cake can also be witnesses as the symbol of fertility. Therefore, it is essential to include a gorgeous and delicious wedding cake.

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Words are not enough to portray such a wonderful day of your life. Your wedding is that special moment when you take an initial step towards the new phase of life with your partner. To treasure such wonderful days you certainly need something that enables to commemorate this amazing day with lots of happiness. A delicious cake is enough to spice up your wedding celebration. A delectable and lovely cake can infuse sparks and make it memorable for the lifetime. The wedding cake attracts all the guests who have come to attend the wedding. Therefore you must go for designer wedding cakes to create some unforgettable memories of your wedding. Choosing a wedding cake can be a daunting task and it is just like a nightmare when you are running out of the time. If it’s your wedding and you don’t have enough time to go to rock and cemented store to buy a designer wedding cake, then you can order cake from Winni for your wedding from online cake stores. The online cake stores are equipped with a huge range of designer wedding cakes that you can order for your wedding without any hesitation. Here are some of the beautiful designer wedding cakes that will definitely spice up your wedding celebration.

Metallic Wedding Cake

The traditional white wedding cake will never vanish, but the brides-to-be are looking for a glamorous twist on the typical confection will adore the recent big-day dessert trend, i.e. metallic wedding cake. In distinct shades of silver, bronze and gold, this shiny yet glamorous cake will attract even the traditional bride’s seal of approval. Like any wedding celebration, couples can adopt the shimmering touch in numerous ways. The lustrous appearance of this cake is made for the modern girls, gorgeous brides as well as for everyone. You can undoubtedly go ahead with this metallic wedding cake. The richness and elegance of this cake will not only take your wedding celebration to another level but also create some captivating moments.

Ruffled Wedding Cake

For an absolutely elegant confection, select the profound affair of sugar ruffles. The appearance is light, airy and requires little added details. It’s adorning with fresh flowers in between each tier or few sugary flowers on the top makes it look more classy and stunning. With the ruffles, the design possibilities are never-ending. This eye-catching cake is enough to spice up the wedding celebration. The richness and deliciousness of this cake will create a wow factor. You can go ahead with this ruffled wedding cake without giving a second thought.

White on White Wedding Cake

The white on white wedding cake will never go out of trend. Just imagine a plain white cake is boring? Of course, not so fast. The fresh, new and fantastic way to make a white wedding cake is to include striking all-white adornments. Adorn up the tiers of the cake with details like piped embellishment, quilted fondant, fresh or sugar flowers. You can also bop up this pure indifferent with charismatic tiers in non-traditional shapes like ovals, hexagons and many more. You can also go for combining tiers of distinct heights for an incredible side view. Bring some incredible moments at your wedding by having this amazing cake.

Painted Wedding Cake

If you are willing for a cake that can create some colorful or fun thrilling moments, then you can without any doubt go ahead with painted wedding cake. The best thing about painted wedding cake is that you can get your favorite things printed over the cake. A little artsy with cake is enough to bring a unique and delectable cake. The hand-painted tiers of the cake can be paired with simple flower accents.

Lace Wedding Cake

With the return of lace wedding dress, lace wedding cakes are now in trend and therefore, bakers are nowadays turning out the different tiers adorned with gorgeous designs, evocative of the most elegant lace gowns. Nowadays, bridges are curious about lace wedding cakes and therefore you can also go with this amazing cake.

The apt thing about cakes is that they are considered to be the best gift for the wedding as well as for a perfect new year gift. Being so portables, cakes can easily be sent to any city from online cake stores. For instance, if it’s your wedding and you are finding it difficult to go to a bakery to order cake for your wedding then prefer online cake stores. Online cake stores efficiently deliver a delicious wedding cake. For instance, if you live in Bangalore then simply prefer Bangalore cake delivery option to get a delicious and elegant cake delivered to your place from any online cake store. You can also amaze your friends by sending cakes to their doorstep on their special days.