One of the eternal questions that we women have asked ourselves at some time in our lives is if we can sleep with a bra. If necessary or, on the contrary, it is bad to sleep with him. There are endless myths and legends about this. These are the answers that clear up all those uncertainties that we have been having for years:

Is it advisable to wear a bra at bedtime?


It’s only recommended in specific cases, such as breastfeeding since the increase in the breast is joined by having to wear underpads. In this case, wearing the right bra to sleep helps. We also recommend it after a breast augmentation and reduction operation, or in the case of a mastectomy, although always following the instructions of the professional surgeon.

Does the shape and size of our chest influence the decision?

No. Perhaps if we are facing a very large breast, the woman would like to wear some support for practical reasons and comfort. It is a personal choice.

Age does not influence either, it is more related to certain stages of life and the processes that women go through concerning the breasts.

Could we sleep with any kind of bra? Which would be the most appropriate?


To sleep, the right bra would be without any seams and underwires or whalebones. A good bra tucked into the head would be optimal, to prevent the brackets from bothering you.

In the case of breastfeeding, we should choose cotton or soft microfiber bra. In this case, we will flee from the lycra and especially from the strongest ones.

For the process of a very young woman whose breasts are beginning to grow, a completely elastic top, without seams, hooks, or padding, would be appropriate.

Can we wear the same type of bra to sleep all year round?

If you choose the right bra, both cotton and a good, breathable, 100% allergy-free microfiber, you can wear it all year round. Of course, it is always recommended to have at least two bras for a “remove and put on”.

Therefore, the reality is that sleep bras are not relevant beyond the comfort they can offer to some women. But they do have to be taken into account at certain stages such as pregnancy, lactation, breast operations, or changes in adolescence. In short, sudden changes in size that a woman’s chest can suffer at a given moment.

To sleep or not, bras are like half oranges: each woman has her ideal model.