When someone is hospitalised, sending them flowers is one of the most uplifting and encouraging things you can do. Flowers brighten the patient’s room and act as reminder of how much someone cares for them. Studies have even shown that flowers can cause a positive mood in people, which can certainly aid recovery. However, if you are planning to send “Get well” flowers to a loved one in hospital, here are a few things you need to know.

Basics before ordering fresh flowers

Before your flowers are delivered to a patient, make sure you know the full name of the patient, their room number, as well as the address and name of the hospital. You can get the information from the hospital’s information desk or from a friend or relative. Make sure that the patient is still in hospital before you arrange for the flowers to be delivered. When in doubt, call the hospital directly.

Check with the hospital first

Some hospital wards do not allow flowers for reasons pertaining to hygiene, although most find it ok. If your loved one is intensive care unit, a burn unit or has just delivered a new baby, the hospital might not allow flowers. Make sure to check with the hospital to find out if they allow flowers and if not, wait until they get home, or are transferred before surprising them with a bouquet.hospital-flower-delivery

Buy allergy-free flowers

Even if the patient is not allergic, other people such as visitors or hospital employees might be. Your aim is to cheer up the patient, not make them feel worse. Great flowers to choose include roses, chrysanthemums and carnations because their pollen is inside and not exposed, unlike lilies.

Choose a durable flower vase

Glass and ceramic vases can break easily if they are nudged off the table. This can happen if many people enter and leave the room. Plastic, metal or wicker vases might be a better option.wholesale-free-shipping-eco-friendly-Foldable-folding-font-b-flower-b-font-PVC-Durable-font-b

Minimize the size of flowers to send

While you may think that sending a huge bouquet will do more to lift the spirits of your friend or family member, it may actually take the space of much-needed items. So it may be best to choose a small vase that can be placed against the wall.

Buy flowers that have woody stems

Flowers with woody stems will not get wet quickly, which means that the hospital staff will not have to frequently change the water, which can be a burden. Choose flowers that can hold water for long without requiring more.

Don’t send highly scented flowers

Never send highly flagrant flowers like lilacs, lilies, or freesia, especially to a person who is ill rather than injured. Instead, choose sunflowers, daffodils, and assorted iris arrangements. These flowers are cheery, bright, and moderately scented, which makes them ideal gifts for patients regardless of their symptoms.

Get-well flowers remind patients that they’re cared for by their loved ones, and give them a good reason to recover soon. So, the next time you want to send “get well soon” flowers to someone you know, consider all of these tips and you should certainly make the right choice.

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