How many times have you heard the following question, “Do you have a cat?” while trying to get your pubic hair out of your clothes? While having this meowing companion is a lifelong friendship, they sure end up putting in a bit of work when it comes to cleaning up. Cats, even more than dogs, are the pets that shed the most fur. Usually, those who wear black or dark-coloured clothing must always take extra care not to look like a hiking blanket, as the hair is more noticeable in these shades of clothing.

If you don’t want to embarrass yourself anymore, let alone stress out about your kitten, check out simple tricks on how to remove cat hair below!


Using sticky rollers

The sticky roller is the simplest and cheapest option on this list. Although you have to spend a small amount, they are one of the best alternatives to remove cat hair from clothes. The main advantage is that you can carry it in your pocket or take it with you on your trip. The only downside is that they are usually not that economical since you have to use them more than once on clothes with hair.

Tips to get cat hair out of clothes the easy way

This is the cheapest and easiest way to get cat hair out of clothes, all you need is a pair of rubber gloves (which you can easily find in supermarkets). To do this you must:

  • Choose an open and airy place to remove hair with a properly cleaned rubber glove;
  • Lay the impregnated garment on a flat surface;
  • Simply stretch the fabric and, in just one direction, thread the glove through the piece;
  • Don’t forget that after you take off the glove, you should wash it thoroughly and let it dry on a clothesline.

How to get cat hair out of clothes with duct tape

You know when you get to the office and the first thing you notice is a bunch of hair stuck to your black coat? You can be calm! We have a solution: duct tape or the famous tape! For hair removal, you must:

  1. First, choose the widest masking tape available;
  2. Cut a piece of tape, don’t forget to make a loop, attaching the sticky side to the other;
  3. Now, fit your fingers to the part that doesn’t stick;
  4. Ready: just pass the glue part under all the hairs that are on the clothes;
  5. Try to change the tape for a new one as soon as the old one has a lot of hair.