Seasoned entertainers do everything they can to thrill their guests. Historically, this means things like taking them hunting or shooting on the local estate, but these days, technology is a bigger part of the picture.

You can wine and dine with your guests all night long, but that’s all been done before. A special meal is great, and people appreciate it, but it’s not novel.

Technology, on the other hand, is brand new. There’s always something that it offers that you don’t get with other tried-and-tested methods.The problem, though, is that most entertainers have no idea of the options available to them. They’re living in a state of ignorance.

Therefore, this post lists a bunch of amazing technology that’s perfect for outdoor entertainment enthusiasts. Here we take a look at some of the gadgets that could take your lifestyle to the next level. The ideas and options you’ll see here are simply incredible.

Wireless Lantern Speakers

Outdoor Entertainment Technology That Will Blow Guests' Minds - Patio Mosquito Repeller, Automatic Sliding Doors, Automatic Lawn Mower

Trying to rig up surround sound outdoors is virtually impossible. It takes a lot of wiring and usually winds up being a mess.

But with wireless lantern speakers, you can eliminate these issues. Lantern speakers hang from canopies in your outdoor spaces or sit on your tables and benches. You can connect them to your phone as well directly, so there is no need to worry about wireless passwords either. Everything just works.

Glowing Outdoor Tables

The technology for glowing outdoor tables isn’t new, but it is a cool gimmick and one that will entertain your guests no end. RGB tables first came to the computer desk market. Gamers wanted desks that changed color in response to the on-screen action.

Now, though, regular homeowners are investing in it, too. They want entertainment spaces that offer their guests something a little different from the ordinary.

Everyone has rattan or wrought iron outdoor tables. That’s nothing special. But hardly anyone has tables that glow in the dark and change color. It’s not something that people do.

Boozy Blenders

Boozy blenders are the ultimate lifestyle accessory. Unlike regular blenders, manufacturers make them specifically for drinks and cocktails. You can whip up some incredible aperitifs as long as you know the recipe and how to use the equipment in the right way.

Models usually come with carbon steel blades that can quickly cut through ice. Many have programmed settings, letting you make the perfect cocktails with the push of a button. They may also have self-cleaning settings which negate the need to wash fiddly blades all the time.

Smart Meat Thermometer

Undercooked meat is a leading cause of food poisoning. And it’s particularly prone to happening on the BBQ. People burn meat on the outside and believe it’s cooked, only for it to be raw on the inside.

The key here is to use a smart meat thermometer. You poke these in each item on the BBQ or grill to see if it is hot enough to be cooked before service. Obviously, with beefsteaks, you can afford to go rare, but with other meats, like sausages, that’s a seriously bad idea.

Patio Mosquito Repeller

Nothing is worse for an outdoor party than everyone getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. It’s seriously annoying and potentially dangerous. People don’t want bites all up their arms and legs, and rashes appearing on their faces, just because they’re standing on a patio.

That’s where modern cell-based mosquito repellers come into the picture. These avoid the use of flames and, instead, rely on other technologies to keep these pesky insects out of sight, out of mind.

What’s more, manufacturers also make them in a variety of colors so you can always find one that suits your patio setup. It’s a remarkable invention and one that everyone should try. Just beware, though, that these devices have a maximum range of about fifteen feet, so if you have a large deck, you may want to place them around the perimeter strategically.

Mini Projectors

Outdoor Entertainment Technology That Will Blow Guests' Minds - Patio Mosquito Repeller, Automatic Sliding Doors, Automatic Lawn Mower

Full-scale projectors are all the rage for indoor gatherings. They’re so much more impressive than TV screens.

Mini projectors, though, are different. These are possible because of technological miniaturization over the last few years. And you won’t break your back carrying them around.

Mini projects let you light up entire walls of your home with video. You can create a truly big-screen experience for your guests, showcasing practically anything you want. You could use video to celebrate a special event or just display graphics on the walls to improve the visuals of the occasion. The possibilities are endless.

Portable Ice Makers

Guests love ice in their drinks, but it’s almost always in short supply, particularly if you take the party outdoors. Partygoers want to chill out but they can’t because there’s nothing cold to put in their drinks.Enter the wonder of the portable ice maker. These devices wheel along making ice for you all the time. All you need to do is top them up with water and then turn the crank at the bottom to deposit ice in the water.

Portable ice makers are also novel. Your guests won’t have seen them before. Such machines they will remember for a lifetime.

LED Umbrellas

LED umbrellas don’t have a great deal of practical value above regular versions, but they do light up, which is always cool at parties. They are a great addition to outdoor tables. Once the sun goes down, they light up like Christmas trees, getting everyone in the mood to party. You can choose bedroom red, green, white and many other colors in between.

Photo Drone

Another cool idea is to take drone videos and photos of your party with a DJI Mini 3 and then edit them afterward and then in an email to guests. This way, they have happy memories of your event and can enjoy it for longer.

What’s more, it’s rare. Most people don’t send anything to guests once they leave the party. If they don’t have their own photos, they’re screwed.

The wonderful thing about drone footage is that it makes it cheap to get expensive shots. You don’t have to spend a fortune on professional camera equipment once you have a drone buzzing around. Just make sure the device doesn’t bump into any guests. That could hurt!

Outdoor Lamps

Perhaps not the most high-tech option you’ve ever come across, but adding hanging lamps to outdoor spaces can add a festive touch.

Look for globe rechargeable lamps if you can find them. You hang these up at night and switch them on and then plug them into a charger during the day to top up the lithium-ion batteries.

Smart hanging outdoor lamps come on automatically when dusk arrives and then turn off at dawn. And if they use LEDs, they don’t use a lot of power and you won’t have to replace them for many years.

Automatic Lawn Mower

Outdoor Entertainment Technology That Will Blow Guests' Minds - Patio Mosquito Repeller, Automatic Sliding Doors, Automatic Lawn Mower

What does an automatic lawn mower have to do with parties? Well, it makes preparing for them a lot simpler. Having someone mow the law is expensive. But setting an automatic lawn mower in motion doesn’t require you to pay a gardener or give up any of your time. You’re free to do what you want.

Automatic lawn mowers don’t come cheap, though. The onboard technology is expensive and companies are still trying to figure out the software to prevent them from chopping up all your flower beds, too.

However, if you can find a device that really works, then they are a godsend. Use them if you can.

Outdoor Heat Lamps

When it’s cold, you need outdoor heat lamps to keep you warm. Otherwise, guests will migrate inside and your exterior spaces will go to waste.

Don’t bother with air heaters. They won’t work in an open space.

Instead, use infrared lamps. These emit huge quantities of warming infrared radiation, keeping you and your guests feeling toasty all night long.

These lamps can be fairly discreet, too. Some are powerful, blasting out vast quantities of heat, but others are slimline and fit on the walls of your home. All you need to do is plug them in and voila!

Umbrellas That Track The Movement Of The Sun

Umbrellas are great for shade, but they have a big limitation. They only cast shadows according to the position of the sun. Therefore, you need to keep moving, and that’s seriously annoying when you’re using furniture.

Now, though, companies are making sunshades that behave like flowers. As the day goes on, they twist and flex to block out the sun, negating the need for you to move them or yourself. Clever, huh?

Automatic Sliding Doors

Lastly, you might want to consider elegant sliding doors to blend the indoor and outdoor spaces in your home. These retract and fold on top of each other when open, and then provide a stunning panorama when closed. They also help you keep an eye on guests if you are indoors, making something in the kitchen. Just press a button or use the companion app on your smartphone to open and close.