Our homes are becoming smarter and smarter every day. With all the innovative smart home devices on the market, you can automate almost everything; from your laundry machine to your light bulbs. However, there is notably less fanfare around specific facets of smart home devices. You have likely not seen as much coverage on personal security options such as a smart security system for your home. Don’t be fooled into thinking the technology is ineffective or not worth looking into.

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Independent websites across the globe have put these solutions to the test, and smart home security solutions are, by any measure a resounding success. Allowing you to take control of your home security rather than being dependent on potentially dubious security companies, you can put together the security solution that works best for you and your home. If you are considering kitting out your home with the newest in innovative home security technologies, then the following security essentials will help you navigate the basics.

Smart Camera Networks

You may instinctively feel like skipping over this one, and that is because traditional personal CCTV solutions generally cost an arm and a leg. They also conveniently require a lot of IT maintenance from service providers. Well, the good news is that smart home camera networks are a once-off, affordable investment that you can manage right from your smartphone.

The convenience of this sort of system lies not only in its ease of use but in its versatility. While security cameras can easily be set up in and around your home with no need for expert help, they can also double as nanny-cams or even a means to watch your pets remotely. With user-friendly app settings, the software that comes packaged with almost all smart cameras can be linked to a smart home alarm system. Smart camera networks are perfect for watching over your home while on vacation.

Smart Home Security Hub

This smart device doesn’t stray too far from the standard security system in terms of functional offerings. Just as with your old-school alarm system, it acts as the central alert system for your other smart devices. The difference comes in connectivity.

A smart home security hub will not only notify emergency services that there is a problem. Combined with some of the other available security devices it offers specificity in regards to the sort of emergency and will notify the appropriate services. The connectivity also means that enabling and disabling the alarm system can be done via your smartphone, with additional options for proximity and scheduled activation. There’s no doubt that security technology has an excellent way of enhancing convenience.

Smart Door Lock

Smart door locks are incredible; we have saved the best for last. Smart door locks go way beyond the simple functionality of securing your home via encrypted and tamper-proof locks. They offer complete control over who has access at what times and for what duration of time. What this means is that if you were to go on vacation, you could grant your neighbour temporary access to water your plants, and then revoke access once you are home.

It’s also a practical solution for allowing visitors access to your home for a single event, and let’s be honest, the idea of sending a coworker temporary access to enter your home for a dinner party is just downright impressive. Further functionality includes remote locking and unlocking when used in conjunction with your smart cameras can be very useful in cases where a trusted service provider is due to come around at a time you are not home.