With a few simple tricks, you can avoid common concealer mistakes such as the makeup settling into fine lines and leading to uneven results. Below we list some simple tricks that will make your concealer melt and become one with the skin in the best possible way.

You apply it with your fingers


Invest in a really good smaller makeup brush so you can work the product into the skin more easily. In this way, you avoid the product settling cakey on the skin and collecting fine lines.

You apply it directly to the skin

Instead, brush the product onto your applicator and you will have a good idea of ​​how much product is used.

You are using the wrong powder

If you want to finish your make-up with a powder, be sure to choose a light one that you work in with a dense brush.

You put the foundation under the eyes

Avoid putting a foundation under the eyes as it easily settles into fine lines and creases.

You use too much eye cream

Be sparing with the eye cream and do not apply it too close to the eye. A grain of rice for both eyes is a good guideline!


You apply concealer on too large an area

Be careful not to apply the concealer on too large a skin surface. Instead, focus on points where it is really needed, for example where you are darkest under the eyes.