Save money on the flight with the smart luggage trick - travel tricks, travel, style motivation, style, luggage tricksDo you want to avoid paying extra for checked luggage on the flight?
With these smart packing tricks, you can save money and travel with lighter packing at the same time. Here are five ways to save money on your luggage!


Most airlines charge extra for checked baggage, and depending on the trip, this cost can make the trip quite a lot more expensive. But if you travel with hand luggage only, you can get away quite a bit cheaper – and it doesn’t have to affect your trip negatively.

Book accommodation where shower items are included

Packing shampoo, conditioner, skin cream, and shower gel can take up a lot of space in your bag, and if you’re only flying with hand luggage, you can’t bring packages larger than 100ml. But if you book accommodation where shower items are included, you won’t have to think about it.

Pack versatile clothes


Packaging versatile clothes means that you pack garments that can be combined in many different ways. This way you don’t have to carry so many clothes with you – you can combine the few clothes you have in different ways so that it still feels like new outfits!

Maximize the bag’s nooks and crannies

Many passengers do not maximize the various nooks and crannies of their bags, which means that there is more space to pack than is used. For example, you can store small items such as jewelry and underwear in shoes or jacket pockets. Also, remember to roll the clothes in the pack to make room for more.

Wear bulky clothing on the plane

Instead of packing the larger garments in your luggage, these are the garments you should wear during the flight. Choose boots, a thick sweater, and a coat for the flight, and pack your canvas shoes, smaller jacket, and nicer cardigan in your bag. You can also carry things in the large pockets on the coat during the trip.

Go through the packaging

Many travelers have a tendency to pack things they never even use during the trip. When you have packed, you should check your bag and think for a second about whether you really need to bring everything you packed.