Roof Maintenance Checklist: 5 Problems to Look For - rust, roof maintaince, moss, home improvement, diy, cleaning, algae

Any roof can have its lifespan significantly reduced if regular maintenance is ignored. Our roofs have to endure many external factors, and sometimes, we have to step in and help out before it’s too late.

Here are five problems to look for when it comes to roof maintenance, and if you do spot them, contact a roofing contractor right away to solve the issue before your roof is damaged.

Missing Shingles

Every once in a while, you have to check up on your roof and see if everything is in order. One of the biggest signs that your roof is in trouble is missing shingles. They can occur for various reasons, one of the biggest being strong winds that uplift them.

If you spot missing shingles on your roof, it’s time to call in a professional and fill in the voids. If you don’t put back shingles in the missing places, water can infiltrate the roof and cause further damage. Mold forms in humid places, and it will weaken your roof to the point where you might need to replace it entirely, which is something you want to avoid as it is costly. Rather than paying for a total roof replacement, have a roofer repair your roof.

Granules on Lawn or Sidewalks

Asphalt shingles have granules over their surface. However, if you walk around your home and notice these granules on your lawn or sidewalks, it’s a big bad sign. It means your shingles are deteriorating rapidly, and it’s time for a replacement. If your asphalt shingle is well over 15 years old, then you don’t have much of a choice. However, if your roof is relatively new and you see granules, it might be because they were knocked off by other debris, and you might not need to replace your shingles entirely.


Rust or any other type of discoloration on your roof can indicate a big water problem. Perhaps you have damaged gutters or other issues. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t happen, and contacting a professional right away is the best way to prevent further damage and point out the issues.

Deteriorating Caulk

Deteriorated or cracked caulk is another thing you should look for when checking your roof. This issue can lead to water leaks, which can damage your roof even further. In this case, you have to replace the caulk and seal it as long as you can ascertain if there is any other water damage present.

Moss or Algae

Lastly, when inspecting your roof, you should keep an eye out for moss or algae. These types of marine and terrestrial organisms can indicate a big issue with your roof. If you don’t remove them, your roof will get even more damaged. However, once removed, you still have to check for damage and find out what caused it.

Usually, a combination of shade, water, and organic debris is responsible for the presence of moss, algae, or lichens. If you have trees around your home that affect your roof directly, you might have to do something about those branches.