Right on time! 19 Astonishing Watches and How to Wear Them

Watches come in many different styles and sizes, and even though necessary and useful they are also functional accessory and stylish piece of jewelry. It’s important to note that there are few things you have to take care when you wear watch. Your everyday watch should be neutral and durable, as it’s for wearing to work or when you’re just relaxing. Stainless steel is a popular choice as this makes for both neutral and sturdy watches, but people choose basic watches made of all sorts of different materials, including plastic and rubber. Wear your formal watch to events that require formal wear, for example to weddings, formal parties or dinners, opera and theater performances, and other formal events. Unlike men’s, women’s watches may be worn as a snug fit or loose around the wrist, like a bracelet. They should never be too tight. When it comes to the decision on which wrist to wear your watch, choose the one that’s more comfortable for you (typically the non-dominant hand, but it’s up to the wearer). There are many different types of watches that a woman can wear. Stainless steel watches have a sleek look that would look great with any outfit. Rose gold is a trend that has drastically grown in popularity and more and more women are buying watches of rose gold. Rubber straps are also an option, especially for the active watch wearer. A good, quality watch is an investment and important part of every classy woman’s style.

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