The cost of energy is through the roof at the moment. Many families are struggling to heat their houses, because of rising costs. The reason energy is more expensive than ever is because of the conflict that’s currently taking place in Ukraine. Much of the world’s gas comes from that part of Europe.

Adding a fireplace can be an effective way of reducing your reliance on gas and electricity. However, there are many more benefits to fireplaces than just the savings that you can make on your energy bills.

This post will tell you what they are, and explain why you should add a fireplace to your home:

Reasons Why You Might Want to Add a Fireplace to Your Home - romance, home, fireplace, family room, cozy

Cozy Setting

Winter’s almost here. When it arrives, people will be spending a lot more time at home. However, because of the cost of living crisis, many people’s homes are going to be cold and unwelcoming. According to the experts from this website, a fireplace can help to make your home warm and cozy. There’s a lot to be said for a cozy home. Having one can make you feel much more relaxed, comfortable, and at home, at home.

Creating Romance

If you have a partner or spouse that lives with you, then investing in a fireplace is a great way to create a little bit of romance. Sitting beside the fire can be a fantastic way to spend time with one’s partner or spouse. You could even put blankets down on the floor and sleep there. If you do plan on sleeping or sitting by the fire, make sure that you buy a fire grate, to protect you from the flames. Fire grates are metal barriers that stop you from getting too close to the fire burning in your fireplace.

Saving Money

At the moment, energy costs are through the roof. Heating your home using radiators will cost you an absolute fortune. Gas prices are up, and electricity prices are up too. Having a fireplace means that you won’t have to rely on electricity or gas. Instead, you just need wood or coal. Most people’s fireplaces use wood though since wood is cheap and widely available. If there is a forest near you, you can even go and cut down your own. Make sure that you cure it properly if you are going to cut your own wood.

Family Room

Having a fireplace helps to create a more relaxing, family room for your loved ones. When it’s cold outside, there’s nowhere better to sit than beside a fire. Having a fireplace built into your home will help to bring your family together, because of this. You will find that you all start spending a lot more time together when you have one built. Fireplaces do not cost a lot to install, either. You can actually get ventless fireplaces built in if you want to, though ventless ones typically use gas, so it’s better to get a vented one that uses wood for fuel.

Reasons Why You Might Want to Add a Fireplace to Your Home - romance, home, fireplace, family room, cozy

Better Appearance

A house with a fireplace always looks better than one without. Many older homes still have fireplace holes, but no fireplaces. If your home is like this then installing a fireplace will help to make it look more uniform in design. Something else worth noting is that houses with fireplaces tend to sell for a lot more. Having one building could be an effective way of increasing your home’s value. If you are planning on selling in the future (and now’s a good time to, since property prices are up) then a fireplace is a great idea.

Energy Independence

When you have a fireplace, you only need to buy wood for it. This means that you can become entirely energy-independent. You can go ahead and build fireplaces in all of your home’s rooms. By doing this you will remove the need for you to ever turn your heating on. Fireplaces can warm a room up very quickly. The only downside to fires is that they need a lot more maintenance. Central heating doesn’t need any maintenance, you just turn your radiator on and relax. Even so, it’s worth sacrificing a little bit of your time for total energy independence.

Continuous Heat

When you have a fireplace installed in your house, you can have continuous heat. If you rely on electricity to power your home’s radiators, then energy cuts will mean you aren’t able to turn them on. Various governments are discussing energy cuts at the moment. Fireplaces mean you never have to worry about energy cuts or blackouts.

Having a fireplace added to your home is an effective way of making it cozier, and also saving money. While it is true that fireplaces can be expensive to install, the amount of money you can save on heating your home makes them worth it.