preparing-your-home-for-short-sale-realtorEach year, there are several hundred property owners that have decided to pack-up and move to greener pastures in their new home. The preparation process that goes into selling their current property plays a critical role in the homeowners profiting from their property asset. There are many homeowners that fail to make the necessary preparations and end up losing thousands of dollars in property equity profits that could have gone into their next property.

The sellers of the property are presented with the opportunity to sell their home in the auction or home inspection market. With both of these types of buyers, the property owners will be able to sell the value of their home by tapping into the emotional desires that these buyers have for their dream home. The sellers of the property must create the opportunity for people to make an impulse buy if they want to maximize the profit opportunities from their property. To achieve this, we recommend that homeowners follow these handy tips to improve the profit opportunity from the sale of their home.

Light up your home.

There is something about light that enhances the look and feel of a property. A place that looks dark and gloomy isn’t going to attract people to purchase the property. The quickest way to enhance lighting is by improving the window options for the property. This can be achieved by installing skylights, solar tubes, shutters and larger windows.

Another option is to install LED lights and lamps around the home to create a warmer experience. You can take things up a notch in the backyard by using hanging lights to illuminate your outdoor area. The improvements in the lighting will enhance the ambiance and aesthetics of the home.

Make sure the home looks clean.

You don’t want to sell yourself short of profits due to a lack of cleanliness in your home. Make sure you keep the home clean and tidy. People want to walk into a home that looks, feels and is fresh. So give them that experience. If the walls are looking a bit dirty, then you should invest in a few cans of paint and paint the walls a nice and consistent colour. If the tiles are cracked or the carpet is looking dusty and worn, get them replaced or at least clean them so they can seem like they are brand new.

Make sure the home is free of odours.

Sometimes, the homeowners overlook this, but it is necessary to make sure that the home is free of odours. If the place is odour free, then you won’t have anything to worry about. But if it isn’t, then you will need to source where the odours are coming from and get them resolved as quickly as possible prior to sale. Even consider placing incense sticks or scented candles around the home to bring in a waft of freshness.

Check your home for any structural faults.

It would be best for the current homeowner to undergo stringent checks to the property to identify any potential hazards. If you don’t know what to look out for, then hire an expert to do an audit of the property to check for any cracks in the walls or floors. Hire a roofing company to check for any potential leaks or damage to the roofing. Should any damage be identified, you may need to consult with roof restoration companies in Melbourne to fix the issues. Should the potential buyer find this type of issue in their building report, they could negotiate thousands of dollars off the price of your property.

Sell the fantasy of their dream home by creating an enchanting interior design.

Enhance the interior design of the home to make people emotionally feel attached to the home. Ensure that the room offers comforts and is aesthetically pleasing. Play around with interior design themes such as minimalistic designs or rustic themes.

If you are the average Australian homeowner that has decided to make the move and sell your current home, then prepare their property for the sale so you can get the most amount of profit out of your home.