If you are planning to build an addition to your home whether because interest rates have dropped or home equity loans are more affordable, it is important to remember that house additions cannot be undone. You can always change a coat of paint or redo the Landscaping but you can’t just toss out the new home addition so make sure that you plan for the long-term effectively. Planning a home addition can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be impossible as long as you have considered the pros and the cons equally, figured out what it is you want to build in order to get the best return on your investment, and have planned for the long-term security of your new addition so that it matches the safety and security of the rest of your house. 

Planning an Addition to Your Home? - upgrade, house, home, addition


  • You can make your home edition entirely yours from beginning to end
  • You can create a better cost value ratio to your home when it comes time to sell 


  • In the short-term you might lose money in that you have to pay more money for heating and cooling, increase property taxes, and of course simple things like washing more windows and cleaning more gutters
  • You lose property space by planning an addition to your home unless of course you are adding a second or third story. But anything on the ground means property space where children can no longer play.

What to Build

There are lots of different ways but you can add an addition to your home and create space. Some people consider building sunrooms for example but many buyers determined them later to be liabilities rather than truly quality spaces they can use. Similarly, many people consider just finishing their basement to make it a viable entertainment space. But most people’s basements are entirely underground or very near so which means the number of windows are next to none and this also doesn’t come with the added square footage to your existing home. That is why the better investment is simply to make an actual addition. Additions in their true form might comprise multiple rooms or just one room. Adding rooms is the best cost savings alternative and can give you not only more square footage but a higher sale price down the line.

Note that a higher sale price is not guaranteed just because you have planned an addition to your room. Building an addition comes with a cost. It can also be emotionally taxing when you realize it’s going to take months to complete. The excitement of planning an addition to your home is always a luring but be prepared for what comes next. This includes noise and dust everywhere in your home, not having enough time to deal with your spouse because you’re too busy dealing with the contractor, no privacy, unexpected financial costs, and work crews turning on their gas generators at 5 in the morning every Saturday. 

However, once it is done you will be able to recognize that this house addition is entirely your creation. You may have very likely moved into an existing house, something older that was created by someone else and subsequently changed by the previous owners. Adding new floors or remodeling a kitchen only adds a small, personalized touch to something someone else already created. But a home addition is completely different. You almost get to design a new house without having to deal with the hassle and cost of a new house. It can be very rewarding. 

Ways to Upgrade Your Home Security

Once the home edition is finalized and you are ready to start showing off your creation, you still have considerations beyond just what color paint to use or which style of windows you prefer. You need to upgrade your home security so that every part of your new home can stay safe and protected. You can upgrade various technologies throughout your home to keep your new addition as safe as the rest of your house.

A home locksmith, for example, can help improve the home security systems to extend to the addition. Locksmiths can help you install motion sensors throughout the new floor space. They can work with you to install additional cameras around the exterior of the addition to your home to expand the perimeter security you have on your property. You could install new locks and alarms on any sliding glass doors or windows to ensure that your space stays protected.