Although it seems complicated, this cake is very easy, it does not need an oven, it spreads a lot and it will seem delicious if you like peanut butter or peanut butter. The cake is made up of a base, a two-layer filling and a topping, almost all the steps consist of just putting ingredients in a bowl and mixing, so they are not difficult at all.


The result is very showy and as it is a forceful cake, it is best to serve small portions and that way many portions come out. It can be made perfectly the day before and it lasts well in the fridge for 3 or 4 days if you have any leftovers. It is a magnificent dessert to end a meal with friends or for a snack, we succeeded with it at a barbecue this summer.

Peanut Butter Tart Recipe


For the base:
-10 digestive biscuits
-85 g of melted butter

For the filling:
-85 g of chocolate cut into pieces + 120 ml of cream for desserts

-250 ml of cream for desserts
-180 g of peanut butter
-120 g of Philadelphia-type cream cheese
-100 g of condensed milk

To decorate (topping):
-120 ml of cream for desserts (whipped)
chocolate -chocolate-covered peanuts in pieces (conduits type)



-To make the base, chop the cookies in the grinder or with a rolling pin and mix that powder with the melted butter.
-Press the mixture into the bottom and sides of a curly cake mold about 24-25 cm in diameter and put in the fridge.
-For the first layer of the filling, heat the cream in the microwave or a saucepan over medium heat and when it is about to boil, remove and pour the chocolate into pieces. Melt and mix the chocolate and when it is already somewhat cold (we put it in the fridge for a while) or beat until it forms the chocolate ganache, do not beat too much.
-For the second layer of the filling, that of the peanut butter, beat the cream cheese, the peanut butter, the condensed milk and the dessert cream until it forms a uniform cream.
-To assemble the cake, first fill the surface of the base with the chocolate ganache, then carefully place another layer with the peanut butter mixture.
-Finally, decorate the cake with the whipped cream, without covering the entire surface, but making volume, grate chocolate on top and place the pieces of peanuts with chocolate.
-Put it in the fridge and let it rest for 4 hours or overnight