Portable Document Format ranks among the most flexible online document formats you can use for your content. One of the best things about its features is the restriction that would not allow any user to edit or modify the contents inside. However, this may come as a disadvantage if you want to edit out your content.

PDFBear Online Tools: Discover The Online Tools That Can Help You With Your Portable Document Format Problems - watermark, pdf, page numbers, document

Having those disadvantages exist, we have come up with a solution to help you with your problems. You can utilize an online converter tool to help you edit and modify your PDF file for betterment. In this article, we will discuss the different types of online tools you can use in the online converter platform of PDFBear.

Adding Page Numbers To Your PDF File

One of the most underrated online tools from the platform of PDFBear is the online tool called Add Page Numbers To PDF. This online tool will help you put page numbers in your PDF file, which will help the readers navigate throughout your PDF file. Having your PDF file with a number page can also be an additional positive factor in making your PDF file more professional.

If you have no idea how you can put number pages in your PDF file, you can follow these simple step-by-step instructions, which can also be found once you click on the different online tools you want to use.

  • First, choose the file that you want to add several pages into.
  • Second, Wait for it to be uploaded entirely into their system.
  • Third, Select where you want to put the number of pages in your PDF file. Make sure that you are satisfied because this will change your PDF file completely.
  • Last, Download it into your device storage or in online storage.

Adding Watermark To Your PDF File

The second one on our list is mostly common to people doing business, artwork, and personal works. Most individuals nowadays are waiting to get into someone’s work and steal credibilities for their gains. To help you keep away from this kind of situation, you can put a watermark into your PDF file to make it safer than ever.

When putting a watermark on your PDF file, it will make your work secure from random individuals. This will be a way of putting credentials to your work, making it difficult for individuals with bad intentions to steal your work. Always remember to secure your hard work and get credit if your work is produced elsewhere.

When putting a watermark in your PDF file, you can choose whether you want to put simple text or an image. If you are in a hurry, you can use the text watermark that PDFBear offers for every user. However, it is still recommended to use an image for your watermark to be remembered and display a more professional touch easily.

  • Transfer your PDF file to PDFBear
  • Type in the text, or you can upload the image you want for your watermark.
  • Select the position that you want to put in your watermark.
  • Transfer it into your preferred storage place.

eSign Your PDF File

The third and last one on our list is the eSigning your PDF file. We already know that a PDF file is one of the most challenging document formats to modify. However, with the help of PDFBear, you can now sign your PDF file and tweak some of the things you want to change. This type of online tool is usually used when you receive a PDF file, and you are needed to sign into its contents.

You can now quickly and in a convenient manner sign your PDF file with ease. This will make your workload more manageable and save up time for your other work activities. To get started in signing your PDF file through the help of PDFBear, all you need to do is follow these instructions.

  • Select the PDF file of your choice to add an electronic signature to.
  • You can now add your electronic signature.
  • If everything meets your objectives, you can now click “Finish” to proceed to the next step.
  • You can now download your newly electronic signature PDF file into your storage.


Some of the online tools may completely change your whole PDF file, and some of it makes it better than before. It would be an advantage if you never forgot that the specific online tools have different functionality types that can be useful for you to have the right objectives. Changing it without any purpose might damage or worsen your content.