Fashionable prints in clothes not only make the image more interesting, but the wardrobe is more versatile. Selected drawings on the fabric emphasize the owner’s individuality and make the outfit original and unique. Every year new ornaments are added to already known ideas. Therefore, the number of trendy prints this season is overwhelming. Let’s analyze the top samples of the latest programs.

Art design


The ideas of fashion designers were embodied in the most unexpected drawings. Designer clothing was presented with:

  • watercolour;
  • spray;
  • artistic painting;
  • abstraction.

Any of the options will look bright and beautiful.

But the designers put special emphasis on the “fantastic” theme. Typically, drawings of this kind are performed on poppies and T-shirts with photo printing. The most popular heroes are:

  • Mickey Mouse;
  • Snow White with her dwarfs;
  • Winnie the Pooh and Company;
  • troll;
  • characters from the cartoon “The Lion King”;
  • puppies of 101 Dalmatians;
  • mermaids.

Colourful characters are often combined with embroidery, sequins, bows and ribbons. Prints are used both on summer clothes and on sweatshirts, tracksuits and even blouses.

Floral pattern


Romantic natures will suit clothing with floral patterns, which this year is characterized by a variety of colours:

  • pink;
  • pistachio;
  • mint;
  • coral;
  • salmon.

These representatives of the pastel palette are best suited for summer clothes. Ornaments are used on fitted cocktail dresses, evening dresses, skirts and sundresses. The drawing technique itself is artistic painting or realistic “field” patterns.

A jacket or coat may be decorated with a print. In addition, flowers look great on bags, hats and scarves. Designers presented floral solutions with small and large floral motifs. In the summer, a white base is best for them, and in the cold season, on the contrary, black or dark palette variations.

Stripe patterns in clothing

An alternative to animal stripes is the fashionable “seaman’s waistcoat”. The strip is now in fashion in each of its incarnations. If black and white lines alternate on a blouse, then it is quite possible to wear it even in the office. And speaking of rainbow stripes, this outfit is suitable for parties or a beach outfit.

A couple of seasons ago, the strip has already appeared on fashion shows in a vertical position. This season, it is better to choose clothes with horizontal stripes of medium and small size or a diagonal design.