Wearing perfume is an art. And knowing how to do it correctly is just as important. If we instinctively come to spray our necks straight away, it is not actually the only place where we can deposit the aromas of our fragrance.

Several – unsuspected – areas of our body allow us to effectively develop the scents of our perfume throughout the day. 

Apply perfume to pulse areas


The aromas of the perfume develop in particular thanks to our body heat. For this reason, the so-called pulsation zones, warmed by the circulation of the blood, are areas to be favored for applying perfume. We always recommend putting the perfume on the places where the heart beats to have a better adhesion of the fragrance.

Understand the areas on the inside of the wrists, in the elbow, on the temples, under the earlobe (not behind), in the hollow of the neck, and at the base of the throat. Basically, all the places in your body where you feel your heartbeat.

Spray perfume on moving areas

In summer especially, we do not hesitate to apply it behind the knee for example because it is a place heated by the body and which will be in motion. There will therefore be scents of perfume when we are going to move.


We then focus on the joint areas such as the inside of the elbows, the wrists but also the ankles. Thus, each of your movements will deliver a sweet smell of your fragrance.

What about perfume in the hair?  

Perfume your hair hoping to smell good all day? In general, there is alcohol in perfumes, so spraying it directly on the hair can end up damaging it.

If you want to keep your hair smelling pleasant at all times, bet on a special hair perfume which, thanks to its adapted composition, will not dry out the lengths any further.

Pro tips to make your perfume last

To be sure to keep the olfactory imprint of your perfume throughout the day, follow the advice of the expert who recommends applying an odorless moisturizer before wearing perfume. This trick allows you to accentuate the aromas of the fragrance and make them last. 

On social networks, beauty influencers have found an economical alternative to this trick that is being emulated. Spray the perfume directly on the moisturizer placed in the palm of the hand, then applying it to the body.

Another known but effective tip: create a cloud of perfume and slip under it. It’s a technique that works very well to evenly distribute the perfume and embalm the whole body.