There’s no material like natural material, and wood is one of them. Not only do wooden objects, furniture and floors look beautiful, but they also transcend the feeling of warmth and comfort. Since wood is as natural as it can be, it would be a real pity to use artificial chemicals to maintain it, especially as these can have harmful effects both to the material, the environment, and even people. Just check the instructions label. There may be lots of toxic and irritant materials, such as benzene (a famous carcinogen, by the way), ammonia, turpentine, and so on.

Natural Ways to Properly Care For Your Woodwork - woodwork, water, vinegar, seal, polish, oil, dusting, clean, care

So, in order to keep you and your family in perfect health, and the woodwork in excellent condition, too, here are a couple of ways for natural protection.

Keepin’ it clean

Before any polishing or sealing, these two are essential.


The frequency is very important, as avoiding to clean the wood on time will create layers of dirt which will be hard to remove, especially in those places which are difficult to reach. Use feather dusters or clean, soft cloths for the purpose. The cloth should be a bit wet to avoid the floating of dust particles.

Cleaning with water

It’s not as harsh as it sounds. Sometimes you will have to use soap and water to get rid of some oily or sticky spots. Dip the cloth into a mixture of water and mild soap, wring it until it’s almost dry, wipe the spot, and dry the place right away.

How to polish and seal

Natural wood polish and preserves are completely safe for both you and the wood. All you need is a couple of things from your kitchen.

Oil and vinegar

We are already eating this dressing, so we know it can’t get safer than that. Mix 3 parts of canola oil with 1 part of vinegar, and apply it with a dry cloth. You’ll notice the wood will retain its glow, and at the same time it will be protected from the elements and insects.

Coconut oil

It does wonders for our skin, and for the wood as well. Basically, the wood will feel all the effects our skin gets when we rub some coconut oil into it: it will be moisturized, revitalized, and protected from potential harmful elements. The smell is also pleasant and non-invasive. Of course, clean the surface with a damp cloth before applying the oil. Almost like skin care, isn’t it?

Olive oil

If you only use olive oil, you will have a lot of problems as it will point out any irregularity. Still, if you add some strained lemon juice, gum turpentine and denatured alcohol to oil, you will get real shine (the parts should be equal, by the way). Simply rub it on and use a cloth for the extra shiny effect.

White vinegar

This can’t be more simple, and it’s great for keeping wooden objects in perfect shape. Simply use a cotton cloth and very lightly dampen it with a solution of water and a small amount of white vinegar. This will kill the germs and any unpleasant odors there might be. This method is very popular among chess players, mainly for wood chess sets, but not only.

Extra tip: Avoid direct sunshine

Sunshine won’t do your woodwork any justice if it’s always exposed to it directly. Therefore, try to place the patio furniture in the shade, for example.

Wood is a wonderful material, but it requires lots of maintenance. On the bright side, these DIYs are extremely budget-friendly. Most importantly, bear in mind that by caring for the wood in the natural way, you are also taking care of your health, too.