“Sunset at Li River”. Enjoy sunset on top of Lao Zhai mountain at the bank of Li River. Location: Xingping, Guangxi, China. (Photo and caption by James Bian)


“The power of the Criollo”. The power of the Criollo horses at the Cabanha Ipuã located in Paranà, Brazil. The Criollo is the native horse of Uruguay (1910), Argentina (1918), Brazil (1932) and Paraguay. It may have the best endurance of any horse breed in the world next to the Arabian. Location: Paranà, Brazil. (Photo and caption by Chris Schmid)


“Cormorant fishing is a traditional fishing method in China”. Fishermen control the birds by tying a snare near the bird’s throat in order to prevent the birds from swallowing larger fish. This technique is practiced in the early morning before sunrise or in the hours before dusk, when fishermen attract the fish with lantern light. Unfortunately, cormorant fishing is long past its glory days and nowadays only a few fishermen from fishing villages along Li River still practice it. (Photo and caption by Andrey Pavlov)


“Barranco Camp at night, Kilimanjaro”. Barranco camp was our third on our 7 day hike to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. Taken after dinner while the group was getting ready to get a good nights rest before tackling infamous Barracno Wall in the morning. (Photo and caption by Trevor Booth)


“Portrait of an Eastern Screech Owl”. Masters of disguise. The Eastern Screech Owl is seen here doing what they do best. You better have a sharp eye to spot these little birds of prey. Location: Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia, USA. (Photo and caption by Graham McGeorge)


“Door to Hell”. Standing at the edge of the Darvaza Crater in Turkmenistan. Known as the “Door to Hell”, this flaming crater has been burning for decades, fueled by the rich natural gas reserves found below the surface. (Photo and caption by Priscilla Locke)


“One Mothers Love”. I love watching the affection and attention that Bonobos have for their young. They truly are a wonderful species of ape. Location: Jacksonville Zoo, Jacksonville, Florida, USA. (Photo and caption by Graham McGeorge)


“Another perspective of the day”. The fisherman at Bira Beach. Location: taken from Bira Beach – Makasar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. (Photo and caption by Dody Kusuma)


“Ice On the Lake”. I was walking around Lake Baikal at sunset and spotted this ice. I laid on the cold, frozen surface with my zoom lens and took this picture. Location: Lake Baikal, Russia. (Photo and caption by Edward Graham)


“Kazakh Eagle Hunters”. Eagle Hunting is a Kazakh tradition that dates back 2000 years. Around 350 Kazakh Eagle Hunters are keeping the tradition alive in the Altai Mountains, Mongolia. (Photo and caption by Tariq Sawyer)


“Dreamy Waterfalls”. Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfalls is located in West Iceland. An amazing place to be for a Landscape Photographer. The Kirkjufell Mountain has created an ideal backdrop for the falls and the sun creates amazing color in that Arctic region during sunset. (Photo and caption by Neloy Bandyopadhyay)


“Where big jets skim the beach, enthralling spectators”. KLM B747 Arrival, shot over the St. Martin Beach on March 15, 2013. (Photo and caption by Bernie Verhoeven)


“Haitians”. In August 2013, during a family vacation aboard a cruise, our ship came across a makeshift boat of Haitians, stranded at sea. They were attempting to reach the United States, but with a hurricane approaching, their lives were at a major risk. The crew of our ship explained to the Haitians their situation since they were unaware of the weather to come, and offered to rescue them. After the Haitians accepted the offer, they boarded the cruise into safety and were turned over to authorities at our next port. Location: Caribbean Sea. (Photo and caption by Jessica Kohut)


“Milkyway Over Halemaʻumaʻu Crater”. Mother Nature’s awesome power on display at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Lighting up the Night with both Celestial and Terrestrial Flames. A scene like this often makes us wonder our place in the universe… (Photo and caption by Zong Ye Quek)


“Goðafoss”. Goðafoss is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland. Located in the central north of the island translucent aqua water cascades over the horseshoe shaped falls and races down the canyon. Icicles cling to its rock ledges and fresh snow lies across the landscape under soft diffuse light of the type that only Iceland can deliver. Location: Goðafoss, Iceland. (Photo and caption by Joshua Holko)


“King of the penquins”. Taken at Booth Island in Antartica. (Photo and caption by Nancy Dowling)


“Portrait of one chilled out Kangaroo”. Jeez Louise… Those cookies were good. Location: Jacksonville Zoo, Jacksonville, Florida, USA. (Photo and caption by Graham McGeorge)


“Leopard Seal – Antarctica”. During a zodiac cruise in Neko Harbour, Antarctica we approach a leopard seal resting on an ice floe. As we came closer his initial indifference to our presence was replaced by a warning growl. He was reminding us that we were the visitors and this was his home – a home where he plays by his own rules. (Photo and caption by Kellie Netherwood)

“The view from our hotel room in the San Blas district of Cusco”. This area of town overlooked the rest of the city and gave us a breathtaking view as the sun and rain mixed one evening. (Photo and caption by Blake Burton)


“Midnight Tree”. I hiked several hours through the night in Patagonia to find a tree I had seen a few days earlier and photograph it with the night sky. (Photo and caption by Max Seigal)


“Light footed penguin”. Penguin in action, Antartica. (Photo and caption by Nancy Dowling)