We’re all for traveling in style here at Style Motivation, but we’re under no illusions about how expensive that can be.

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Planning a vacation is an important part of the pre-travel process. Failing to do so leads to issues down the road when items get forgotten or backup plans are not put in place.

Here are 4 tips on how to manage your money with a vacation in mind.

1. Cut Back Expenses to Save Extra Before You Go

You’re bound to find things to do at each vacation spot that are surprising. They were unexpected and outside of your planned spending (assuming you had a plan to begin with).

However, if you cut back a little here and there in the run-up to going away, then you can painlessly set aside extra money over the weeks and months prior to leaving. This can be your little kitty for those surprises that you probably would have said “no” to and later regretted not doing.

It’s not necessary to use a piggybank for the savings. But if you have a habit of dipping into your ‘savings,’ then find a way that you won’t do it this time.

2. Pick and Choose Your Luxuries

It’s possible to get a stylish, even luxurious feel without needing to pay up for everything. Sometimes, a standard hotel room but taking a business class domestic flight is one way to do it. If you’re traveling by train or car, perhaps an upgrade is worth the money to you.

Look at what aspects of travel you enjoy the most and those you dislike. Will paying for greater comfort ease the stress of travel? Or, do you see that as a waste and prefer to luxuriate at the location instead? By being selective, you can upgrade what matters most to you and take the standard option with everything else.

3. Travel Slower (If You Prefer That)

When you’re planning to hit multiple locations on your travels, consider what style of travel you prefer. On a previous vacation, have you wanted to stay longer at certain places, but your planned itinerary tied your hands? In this case, you might want to plan differently this time.

With slower travel, you allow longer at each destination along the route. If you were planning a six city stop tour over three weeks, make that three cities instead. This way, you’ll get to see more of the sights on your list and won’t feel shortchanged. Also, it will be less expensive because you’re traveling infrequently too.

4. Have a Travel Disaster Plan in Place

Sometimes, stuff happens when on vacation. Wallets get lost, purses get snatched. Unfortunately, on our downtime, we tend to not be as safety conscious, and as a traveler with a suitcase or a backpack, we’re slow moving targets too.

When something bad has happened and your money is gone, you’ll need a fast solution so that your travel plans aren’t completely derailed. Get a friend to send money online to you so that you have emergency money in your pocket while you’re away.

By being selective about luxuries, having a plan in case the worse should happen, and giving yourself the option to travel more deliberately, vacations are often more enjoyable. Leave the stress at home!