Photochromic lenses or «chameleons» are glasses that are able to change the color of lenses, adapting to lighting conditions: on bright sunglasses darkens, and in the room remain transparent.

This is caused by photochromic molecules applied to eye lenses. They react to exposure to ultraviolet light, so the glasses don’t darken the room. When ultraviolet rays enter the lenses, photochromic properties are activated, resulting in reduced light transmission. Lens blackout can reach 85%.

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Glasses with photochromic lenses combine in favor of corrective and solar optics. This is very convenient for people with poor eyesight who cannot protect their eyes on a sunny day because they have to wear corrective glasses. Photochromic lenses are also recommended for people with photophobia or who suffer from eye diseases. But you only need a specialist to pick up points. 

What are the features and advantages of photochromic glasses?

The main distinguishing feature and advantage of photochrome glasses is that they can be worn at any level of lighting and feel comfortable. Eyes will be protected from bright sunlight, they will not be affected by glare, you will not have to squint outside or take off your glasses when you enter a dark room. They react almost instantly to changes, reduce eye stress and increase visual contrast.

They may be more convenient than classical sun-shield windows, which have a fixed level of obscuration, while photochromes become lighter and darker, adjusting to external conditions.

They won’t be too dark, if it’s cloudy outside, they won’t have the sun in their eyes if it shines brighter than it did a few minutes ago. With only a few photochrome glasses at hand, you will feel comfortable in different situations, provide your eyes with an optimal level of protection from the sun and further protect them from ultraviolet rays.

But there’s another thing about these lenses, which is that they have a shorter service life than normal goggles with diopters or sunglasses. The opportunity to become lighter and darker fades with time, and the more often they are wiped, the faster they lose their properties. But we don’t recommend mopping less frequently than necessary, because this behavior can have a negative impact on your vision.

The average life of the product is 3-5 years, although there are models with special coatings that extend it.

Advantages of Photochromic Glasses

Photochromic glasses make it possible to feel comfortable and in accordance with the surroundings — if it is light on the street, eyes will be protected from excessive light if dark — photochrome glasses will be transparent. In this way you will ensure constant health protection and convenience for your eyes. Besides that, in glasses-«chameleons» you will always look natural and appropriate: in a room with normal glasses, and in a street — in the sun protection. 

Features of the use of photochromic lenses

To make the glasses always look natural, it is better to choose a suitable frame, so photochrome glasses in the dark stage will look like ordinary sunglasses.

To keep vision clear and the eyes less tired in the blackout phase of the bottom glasses, it is necessary to apply an illuminating coating on their lenses. This will reduce the number of reflections and provide better vision. When buying glasses, make sure that the lenses are also UV-blocked, protecting the eyes from harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. In order to make the lenses of photochrome glasses as easy and convenient as possible, it is necessary to choose lenses with high refractive index.

Since the pigment of photochromic lenses, which are responsible for their obscuration, is valid for about 2-3 years, it is necessary to choose a frame for photochrome glasses in which it will be possible to replace lenses with new ones.

When using photochromic glasses, note that their lenses only darken when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. The windows of the car do not allow ultraviolet light, so photochrome glasses will not darken in the car, remember while driving on a sunny day.

Who would like photochromic glasses?

Photochromic glasses can be effective:

  • For people with photophobia or increased tear splitting. Photochromic lenses are an excellent solution for those who want to protect their eyes from bright or dim light and generally care for the health of their eyes.
  • For cyclists. It is important for cyclists as well as drivers to maintain visual acuity on the road. Photochrome eye lenses protect the eyes from the sun and do not refuse to correct glasses.
  • For athletes. It’s not always convenient to practice with eyeglasses in the street because of the lighting. In such situations, chameleons are helped: their lenses become darker with the light of their lenses, their eyes feel comfortable, protected from ultraviolet light, the athlete has no desire to squint. Such glasses are especially recommended to lovers of mountain sports: tourists, skiers, etc. Because the terrain is inhomogeneous, the snow reflects the sunlight, and the lenses that react quickly to changes in the light level will protect the eyes perfectly.
  • -For people with ophthalmic diseases. In most diagnoses, it is important for patients to protect their eyes from ultraviolet light, and you can do that with these lenses, because you can wear them continuously.

Photochromic glasses are extremely convenient and functional, as they allow simultaneous correction of vision and protection of eyes from bright excess sunlight. Photochromic lenses with diopters can be made in any style, shape and inserted into any frame, they are always up-to-date and convenient in use, therefore their use is widespread and popular among users.

What’s the best way to choose photochromic glasses for men and women?

Be sure to appreciate the degree of comfort in glasses both indoors and outdoors: you must see clearly, without distortions, unpleasant feelings, etc.

Think about what kind of lenses you need, like polarization lenses or correcting your vision. You can also decide on the conditions of carrying: during driving, sports, etc.

The simplest and most intelligent way to buy high quality and absolutely suitable glasses with photochromic lenses is to go through medical diagnosis and then make a purchase.