Loft style apartments are rapidly becoming the norm in major cities. While these apartments are often major on style and personality, they leave a lot to be desired when it comes to storage options. Whether you’re looking to store kitchen supplies, clothing, or just your everyday items, read on to find out some tips on maximizing your loft space.

Put Some Wheels on It

Loft spaces aren’t ideal for static pieces of furniture, especially when it comes to storage. Because cabinet and closet space tends to be extremely limited, consider purchasing a couple pieces of rolling storage furniture or attaching wheels to the bottom of some you already have. A clothing rack is perfect for displaying often worn clothes for easy access, and it’s easy to move around and tuck out of the way if the rack is on wheels—perfect if you’re having company over.

If you love cooking, a moveable kitchen island is a great way to get that extra cooking space, and many islands also have storage underneath. After you’re done, simply roll it away and open up the space in your loft for other activities.

Open Backed Shelving


Image via Flickr by Dmitry Zuev

Open backed shelving is a great resource for storing items you don’t mind being seen—such as books, craft supplies, and other knickknacks. Placed up against the wall, the open back lets the color of your walls show through, keeping a sense of cohesiveness. You can also use these shelves to divide rooms, without making the loft seemed cramped like walls or closed back shelves may.

Because of the small amount of light-blocking these handy pieces of furniture commit, you can place them next to each other without worrying too much about your space looking cluttered, giving you tons of space for folded clothing, books, and the like. Basket inserts can also keep your clutter hidden away, perfect for small items that may not have a designated space.

Storage Furniture

If you have things you’d rather not leave lying around, consider investing in several good pieces of multipurpose furniture. Popular options include storage ottomans, coffee tables with drawers, couches with under-cushion storage, headboards and bed frames with built-in shelves, and the Murphy-style lift up bed frame with storage space underneath.

These hidden spaces allow space for storing sensitive or bulky items. Because loft spaces don’t have designated bedrooms, the headboards and frames with built-in storage keep your bedroom items out of sight leaving the space looking uncluttered. Because your bed might be easily viewed from anywhere in the loft, depending on the layout, consider getting a premium mattress, like the Leesa, so that you don’t have to worry about unsightly lumps and bumps messing up your beautiful space.

Loft-style apartments are a popular choice for many people living in large cities, and just because the space is small, that doesn’t mean you have no storage options. Being smart and conscious of the space you have can lead to many innovative and creative storage possibilities!