How to Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom - Small Bathroom, shower space, organize, bathroom cabinets, bathroom

Everyone would love to have extra space in his or her bathroom, but when adding square footage is not an option, you have to be creative. However, to make your bathroom easy-to-use and comfortable, you do not have to tear down walls. With a little planning and clever maneuvering, you can your small bathroom can look spacious and open, and here’s how to do it.

Maximize on Your Medicine Cabinet

If you have an old medicine cabinet in the bathroom, consider purchasing a newer model available on the market. Modern bathroom cabinets are designed to offer plenty of storage space that includes things like lockboxes for your prescription meds; other models have towel racks and are available in a combination of closed and open shelving. Go for a medicine cabinet that offers shelves at varying heights so you can fit all your stuff in there.

Organize Your Shower Space

Keeping your conditioners and shampoos in the shower will help free up valuable space in other areas; however, a messy array of bottles can quickly become an eyesore. Instead, go for a shower caddy that you will hang on the shower’s arm and only store a few bottles; on the other hand, you could get a corner tower shower organizer. These corner units are designed to match any décor for a seamless look, with taller towers featuring a huge amount of storage space.

Trick the Eye

There are numerous visual effects you can employ and will give the illusion of more space in the bathroom. Placing a mirror at the right corner to reflect light will help add volume to any room, ensure you hang a large one in your bathroom and it should be the first thing someone sees when he or she walks in. Consider also adding decorative props like a plant, a sculpture or a painting that will be the focal point of the room.

In addition, painting the room in neutral, light colors will help open up the room, while adding several shades of a single color will have the same effect. What you can do to trick the eye is limitless and this article provides plenty of suggestions that can help you achieve this effect.

Shelving is Your Friend

Shelving is your small bathroom’s best friend, and the secret is using the vertical surface to add shelving to the walls. However, you need to install narrow shelving at eye-level in an unobtrusive manner and deeper cabinet shelving at the top to prevent a closed-in feeling. On the eye-level shelves, store the items you most often use like beauty products such as lotions and bath salts in attractive bottles; use designer baskets for holding your toilet paper and towels.

If there isn’t enough wall space for hanging the shelves, consider utilizing recessed shelving. You can do this by taking advantage of empty spaces within walls between beams. Professionals can only do this type of remodeling on drywall walls.

Deal with the Toilet Area

Maybe, because of its location, the area above toilets usually goes unused. Capitalize on this wall space by installing a cabinet unit over the tank. If you are considering a complete toilet replacement, you are likely to get even more room by acquiring a round bowl, as opposed to an elongated, oval one.


How to Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom - Small Bathroom, shower space, organize, bathroom cabinets, bathroom

Adding purely decorative items to your bathroom does work, but adding items that do double duty means you get more functionality. For example, hang attractive towel racks, designer hooks, and soap holders and dispensers. Decorative boxes, tins and bowls will also work well as storage areas.