The quest for looking good has been on for as long as there have been men and women. Each has tried to impress the other with their attractiveness and have gone to great lengths at times to get noticed.

Through recent history this has translated to dieting and exercising on a regular basis to achieve a look that the opposite sex would appreciate.

There have also been devices that have been introduced into the public that assist in this area. For centuries these beautifying devices have made promises. Many have delivered, but many have not and some have even been dangerous to those trying to employ them to increase their overall beauty.

The latest beauty device that has caught the attention of women all over the world, is the waist trainer. In fact everyone from Hollywood starlets to average secretaries have been using them and touting their ability to make a woman more attractive. Here is an overview of the phenomenon and why they have become so popular.

Why So Many Women Use Waist Trainers Today - women, waist trainers

What Do Waist Trainers Claim?

Waist trainers are bands of cotton, lycra and latex material that wrap tightly around the waist, upper hips, and lower rib cage to provide an instantly slimming, hourglass look. Wearers are instructed to wear the devices as an undergarment for the majority of their days and during their daily activities including exercise. As a result of their continued use, waist trainers will both slim the waist and train the abdominal muscles to squeeze the stomach, producing the much desired hourglass shape that women love and men drool over. Waist trainers claim to be a passive weight loss and body improvement device.

Do They Work?

There is much evidence on both sides of this discussion. Most doctors say that there is no medical evidence to show why this would work and why there would be a change to the shape and the waist size once the waist trainer is removed.  They say that any improvement can only be cosmetic.

Waist trainer advocates point out that the goal is a purely cosmetic enhancement. Story after story is told of amazing results. In fact, there are literally hundreds of video testimonials on youtube with women showing before and after waist trainer pictures that appear to show slimming waists and in some cases dramatic hourglass shapes after wearing a waist trainer. So for those who swear by them, the results are indisputable.

Are There Risks in Using a Waist trainer?

Yes. A waist trainer is supposed to be worn continuously for the majority of the day and squeeze the waist, ribs and intestines during that entire time. It effectively compacts and constricts the intestines and potentially other internal organs. If a waist trainer is too tight, it could cause discomfort, contribute to heartburn or even cause internal organ issues. Also if you are doing strenuous activity with it on, you can find yourself unable to take a full deep breath leading to potential breathing problems.

Women are advised to not make the waist trainer too tight so that it restrict the breath in any way or causes any more than slight discomfort. And in the event any issues regarding loss of breath or pain develop, they immediately remove the waist trainer.

Waist trainers come with different settings that make the waist trainer tighter as women get slimmer. Many women however are impatient and either buy a waist trainer that are small as corsets or they move to quickly to the tighter settings causing some of the problems mentioned above.

Reputable waist trainers will tell you to take your time and let your body tell you when to take next steps. Do not compare your progress to that of others because every woman is different and will have different results. Finally you should never use a waist trainer if you are pregnant or suspect you might be.  Your waist trainer should come with clear instructions and warnings for your safety.


In the end, a common sense approach to waist trainers will put aside the concerns about safety. Leaving you with a choice as to whether you trust their claims. The best approach seems to be to try one. If you do not see results, no harm, but if many of the hundreds of thousands of customers are right, a waist trainer might give you the hourglass figure you dream about.