Without a doubt, this past year has been unlike any other. The global pandemic has affected our lives in every way imaginable. Travel restrictions have interrupted the plans of couples all over the world, however, this shouldn’t stop you from making your anniversary extra special. Get inspired and let your creativity flow with these amazing staycation ideas.

Making Your Anniversary Special with a Staycation - special, spa weekend, romantic, celebration, camp out, anniversary

Rent a Place for a Romantic Getaway

Sometimes the best holidays are the ones spent closest to home. Take some time off of work and check out short term rentals Toronto to find the perfect accommodation. Even if you stay in the same city, you won’t have to worry about any chores that need doing. You can truly relax and enjoy each other’s company whilst being a tourist in your own backyard.

Go for a Scenic Picnic

If you live in a sunny place, why not take advantage of the good weather by organizing a scenic picnic. Find a picturesque, tranquil spot and lay out a blanket for you and your partner. Stop by your nearest grocery store to get some cheeses, fruits, wine, or anything else you fancy. Don’t forget a speaker and some flowers to set the romantic mood.

Try Out a New Hobby

Trying out new activities is a fun way to bond with your significant other. You could sign up for some cooking lessons or even have a go at pottery making. These are hands-on experiences that will provide you both with valuable new skills and quality bonding time. If you enjoy your new lessons, you could make it a more regular occurrence. Who knows? You may even discover a newfound passion.

Camp Out and Star Gaze

Sometimes reconnecting with nature is one of the best ways to unwind and celebrate an anniversary. If you live near a national park or camping site, grab your tent and go for an adventure. There is nothing quite as romantic as the combination of star-gazing alongside a great bonfire with smores. If you aren’t too fond of the idea of camping, you can always go opt to go glamping instead.

Treat Yourself to a Spa Weekend

We all deserve a good pampering every once in a while. If you have the spare cash, you could consider booking a retreat or day session at your nearest spa. If you are looking to celebrate on a budget, you could even set up a spa day at home. Head over to your local drugstore and purchase some face masks, essential oils, and a bath bomb.

No matter the circumstances, you should always find a way to make your loved one feel special. Take the time to become a tourist in your own backyard and use the travel restrictions to your advantage. You may discover things that you never knew your town had to offer. Even if you are on a limited budget, it’s the thought that counts, so find a way to put a smile on your partner’s face.