If you are in a wheelchair, or you know somebody that is, then you will understand how transportation can be a real issue, and the fact that public transport is frustratingly not up the required standard and regular cars can cause a lot of stress. This makes it very difficult to plan days out where a lot of travelling is involved, and it would be a shame to have your plans altered just down to the fact that transport is an issue. So, what can you do to make long journeys easier for those who are in a wheelchair?

Wheelchair accessible vehicles are a fantastic solution to this difficult problem, and these are vehicles that will have a ramp for easy access into the car, and they can then easily store the wheelchair for the duration of the journey whilst simultaneously ensuring the safety and comfort of everyone on board. This will really open up the possibilities of where you can easily get to, and massively reduces the stress of thinking about travel and access. The Motability Scheme is an organisation set up that provides mobility solutions to people with disabilities, and this scheme will allow you to lease or buy a car that suits your specific needs. This non profit scheme is easy enough to access if you receive Disability Living Allowance (Higher Rate Mobility Component) or War Pensioner’s Mobility Supplement, as you will already qualify for a vehicle.

Obtaining your Motability Vehicle

You can get your Motability vehicle from suppliers of wheelchair accessible vehicles, like Allied Mobility, and these companies will make it a simple and stress free process for you so that you will have your vehicle in no time as they understand how important it is. The process involves contacting one of these suppliers and partners of the Motability Scheme, discussing options like advanced payments and home demonstrations, choosing and ordering the best vehicle for your needs and help with the advanced payment (if you are eligible for a grant). You then complete the order and the insurance is arranged, and once this has all been processed your vehicle will be delivered to you and you will receive your demonstration.

You will love how easy these brilliant vehicles make transportation, and every model is safe, secure and comfortable too so it really is the best way for you to get around and without the stress of public transportation.

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