Every girl wants to look beautiful and be a beauty queen. Well, this is possible as long as you do it the right way. Looking nice does not necessarily require you to apply makeup or wear the new trend in town but what is more important is understanding how to work with your body and complexion too. Apart from the listed tips, here are more tips to follow to guide you on how to look amazing as a teen.

How To Look Amazing At A Sweet 16 - tips, sweet 16, style, health, fashion, exercise, Birthday

1. Take care of your face

Your face is the first part that people get to see when they meet you, and therefore you need to take care of it. How? Wash your face twice on a daily basis, ie, in the morning and at night before you retire to bed. Ensure that your face is moisturized to avoid the skin getting too dry. It is also advisable that you apply sunscreen lotions every time you leave the house to avoid getting your skin damaged by the harsh climates such as the sun rays or the extreme cold. Another important detail to always keep in mind is that you should never go to sleep without removing your makeup since it creates the chances for acne to develop. Our skin is susceptible and requires space to breathe, and if you don’t eliminate the icing of the makeup off your face, it creates an opportunity for pimples to grow.

2. Dress your body

Apart from wearing the latest trend in town, it is important to know your body and how to dress it. Remember it is not about what you are wearing that matters but how you wear it. So dress your body, and this will help you stand out from the crowd in return. It is also important to dress according to your age. See more at teranicouture.com and get inspirational ideas on how to dress your body according to your age.

How To Look Amazing At A Sweet 16 - tips, sweet 16, style, health, fashion, exercise, Birthday

3. Eat healthily

Did you know the kind of food you eat determines how your overall body looks? Well as a young girl you want to look your age, not like someone who is twice your age. To achieve this, eat healthy food such as fruits proteins and without forgetting vegetables and fewer carbohydrates. Every food group has its benefit in our bodies, and therefore it is important to include it in every meal you take and in the right portion as well.

4. Drink a lot of water

Water is very crucial in our bodies since apart from helping us remain hydrated, it helps in keeping our skin looking radiant and smooth. As a girl, if your skin is good then you will have confidence and look beautiful as well. Therefore you should drink at least nine glasses of water daily which is possible to keep your skin looking smooth and radiant.

How To Look Amazing At A Sweet 16 - tips, sweet 16, style, health, fashion, exercise, Birthday

5. Exercise

Apart from having a pretty face, you also need to have a beautiful body as well. A safe and well-maintained body adds your beauty in a great way. You don’t need to go to the gym to work out as you can engage in various exercises such as jogging, squats, and walking as well. Such tasks don’t require you to spend a penny, and they also help in keeping you in good shape.