If you’ve just moved, know somebody who just moved, or run a liquor store, you’ve probably got no problem finding cardboard. Cardboard can be bent, cut, painted, wrapped, and configured in almost any way you can imagine. And, as you will see, upcycled cardboard doesn’t have to remain in the realm of kids’ play forts or drab storage containers. Here are few creative ideas for turning excess cardboard into functional household items you will want to show off.

1. Drawer Dividers

Drawer Dividers

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2. Upcycled Cardboard Lantern

Upcycled Cardboard Lantern

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3. Cardboard Marker Caddy

Cardboard Marker Caddy

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4. Decoupage Cardboard Trays

Decoupage Cardboard Trays

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5. DIY Storage Box

 DIY Storage Box

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6. DIY Desk Organizer

DIY Desk Organizer

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7. Decorative Recycled Cardboard Box

Decorative Recycled Cardboard Box

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8. Washi Tape Dispenser

Washi Tape Dispenser

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9. Pretty Planter Box

Pretty Planter Box

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