Las Vegas as One of Best US Trip Destinations

Have you ever wondered about the great city of Las Vegas and what can it offer to us? The first association that comes to our mind when we mention this city is gambling and strip clubs, but it offers far more than these two things. The iconic Vegas is one great place that offers an endless amount of entertainment and fun, but also the beautiful landscapes and nature that you can explore in a team or on your own during your free weekends. We all heard of that famous sentence: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. No wonder that this city is one of the best US trip destination and if you are wondering what stuff to do in Vegas this weekend, keep reading this article.

A lot of celebrity-chef restaurants

As a lot of people come to Las Vegas to gamble or to entertain themselves in some other ways, it is not uncommon to see a lot of events restaurants where celebrities prepare food. From famous chef Gordon Ramsey to football stars like Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Messi – they all come here from time to time to prepare the favorite dishes for their customers and fans. Still, this does not mean necessarily that the food you buy in this city is extremely expensive. You can find a lot of cheap places that offer fantastic food. Of course, restaurants with celebrities can be a bit pricey, but how cools is to see a football star to make spaghetti?

Las Vegas as One of Best US Trip Destinations

The long Boulevard

The 2.5 miles long Las Vegas Boulevard is one of the most wanted streets in the whole world, as it runs from the north to the south part of the city. It hosts the best shows, luxury hotels, shops, restaurants and resorts that are shining every night and attract many people from different parts of the world who want to buy their tickets for happiness. It is also one of the best places to catch a cool show, concert or an event. What to add to this else? offers the best Las Vegas show tickets online. So you might want to check that out. The Strip, as they call it popularly, also offers the affordable accommodations in a variety of prices, which is a cool thing for many people who do not prefer the fancy hotels like Mandalya Bay or Treasure Island. The neon illuminations throughout the night are creating the additional effect of glory and fun, making this Strip one of the best places for a walk or leisure activities.

Las Vegas as One of Best US Trip Destinations

The Grand Canyon

Would you like to hover over the Las Vegas and fly over the Grand Canyon? The helicopter ride is available as there are many helicopter tours that you can take and reserve your tickets. This is one of the things in Vegas you must do if you want to experience the real thrill and see things from the bird’s perspective. Everyone who is fans of nature and outdoor will agree that this is one of the best trips in the USA, as you can go deep down the Canyon and feel the great power of our nature. Catch the beautiful aerial moments of history, nature, and landscapes while cruising in the helicopter over the remarkable piece of history and the geographical wonder.

Las Vegas as One of Best US Trip Destinations

The Mob Museum

The National Museum Of Organized Crime And Law Enforcement is a unique museum that was founded in 1933. The building was initially used as a Post Office and Courthouse, but eventually became the museum that holds the truths about the Las Vegas’ organized crime in the past. Of course, Al Capone has its mural on the wall, but almost all of the rest mobsters from that era are described on the walls. The totally remarkable building that tells a lot of stories of organized crime from the back-in-the-days era of this beautiful city.

Las Vegas as One of Best US Trip Destinations

The Stratosphere Tower

Do you want to find a good place to enjoy the Las Vegas’ skyline? Fancy of sky jumping? Choose from SkyJump, Big Shot, X Scream if Insanity and boost your adrenaline! You can enjoy indoor (and outdoor) sightseeing of the city from the rooftop. Also, this is the largest freestanding observatory in the USA and top three Las Vegas tourist destinations you must visit if you come to this town.

Las Vegas as One of Best US Trip Destinations

So why should I visit Las Vegas?

Besides many brick-and-mortar casinos with the long tradition and the strip clubs that are packed with the beautiful ladies, Las Vegas offers a fantastic insight into a small part of American history. Also, the intact nature and vivid landscapes will enhance you while you are exploring the Grand Canyon while thinking about how things used to be in the past at the same time. Las Vegas is not that fat, as you can book a flight from almost all cities of the US, at the relatively affordable prices. Feel the freedom in the Sin city and enjoy everything as everything, in the end, stays in Vegas!

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